Day Two: Nicknames

So, day two of the challenge just says Nicknames.

I like nicknames.  Kind of.  It's actually a little weird.  Since a young age I have been very insistent that my name is Amanda.  Not Mandy.  I even cried once in 2nd grade when, due the abundance of Amandas in my class, I had to be called Amanda G instead of just Amanda.

However, having said that, I have always been called nicknames by my immediate family.  As a kid I was noodle (for reasons I'm not entirely sure).  As I got older, my whole fam began calling me Sis (hence the Sis part of the blog).  My brother and I took an organic chemistry class together in college, so his version of Sis morphed to Cis at that time. (Google Cis and Trans isomers if you want a little insight as to why - it's actually kind of DEEP if you think about sibling bonds.  Yeah, we're deep.)

We use a lot of nicknames in our home.  Will (which I suppose is technically a nickname of William) gets called a variety of names, but his primary nickname is bean.  This stemmed from his very first ultrasound when he was literally just a bean-sized baby.  It's hard to believe he's a 25 pound toddler now!

Geoff gets call "Hub" from me most often.  My fam likes to call him Gee (hence the Gee part of the blog).  He calls me muffin (typically pronounce moofin) and hot mama.  Okay, I may have made that last one up.

Well, who knows if this is what the blog challenge creator wanted when they said "Nicknames" on day 2.  But, there ya go.  At least now you know the reason for the name of my blog, in case you never knew before!


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