The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

The Good: Rom is doing better. The Urgent Care vet (UCV) said he was able to get him to eat last night and the dog didn't throw it up or diarrhea it back out. Yay! Haha. He's still spending the day at the regular vet, but the hope is that he'll be able to come home tonight - if he remains able to eat and to keep food down (or, rather, in) for the rest of the day.

Here he is (pictured below) with his IV and enormous bag of fluids. I like the bandages they use to wrap his catheter, though. This morning he had one with purple polka dots and smiley faces.
The Bad: In the playoffs, with double-elimination the name of the game, "more summer fun" (the BYUB co-ed softball team) was eliminated from the competition last night. They put out a great effort, but just couldn't pull it through at the very end. I enjoyed watching Geoff and everyone play. I was on the DL (or, Disabled List for the baseball illiterate) and unable to play, but I think that's actually a plus for the team. haha. I DON'T got game.

The Ugly: The Canine Parvovirus is apparently quite a little monster. It first appeared in 1978 and spread worldwide in ONE YEAR. Yowza. I was dismayed and pretty grossed out to learn that it can live for months (up to 7) without a host.

The only effective killer: Bleach.

Needless to say, I spent the better part of yesterday night washing everything Rom ever touched in bleach. This included our bedding, throw pillows, leashes, toys, clothes, his kennel, floor rugs.

I'm sure I didn't get rid of it completely, but hopefully enough to protect Rubio and Rom from future attacks of this gross, strong-willed parasite (is a parasite the same as a virus? Probably not...if not, then I mean it in a "oh, what a parasite" kind of way and not a literal way...got that?).

Anyway, life is going pretty smoothly. The pledge drive starts tonight and I'm behind in my goals for the year, so here's hoping to much generosity from the hearts of PBS viewers everywhere!


Big Sigh

Well, the barking has ceased, at least for the moment.

For those of you who know Rubio, you know he doesn't make any noise. Well, Romulus has spent the last 17 hours in the hospital, so his little grumblings and barkings have not been heard.

Much to our shock and dismay, Romulus was diagnosed with an extremely vicious and contagious virus yesterday: The Parvo Virus. This virus is relatively common in puppies, but is brutal and has meant Rom has been on IV fluids and medications since his diagnosis.

He's a trooper, but he's not having any fun.

Unfortunately, because it's a virus, there's no real treatment. They just try to keep the dog hydrated and infection free while he waits out the virus. This means he could be coming home as soon as tonight, but also means he could need up to 5 days of hospitalization. BIG SIGH.
Rubio, I've been told, should be okay because he's older. Nonetheless, he'll be getting a booster shot for the Parvo vaccine this afternoon and I'll be bleaching anything Rom has touched in an effort to rid the house of the virus (which, if you google Parvo, you'll find is pretty much impossible).

Keep your fingers crossed for little Rom that he will get better, and little Rube that he won't get sick.
I know I am.


Here a Bark, There a Bark...

Quite unexpectedly this weekend Geoff and I gained a new member of the Parker brood.

Sneaking his way into our lives is Romulus Parker (named after the legendary founder of Rome, mind you, not the Star Trek characters - a fact Geoff so cleverly witheld from telling me about during the name selection). He's a salt and pepper colored Miniature Schnauzer. He loves to chase, chew, run, play, tumble, tossle, and snuggle. He's a sweetheart to be sure, and quite a little spitfire.

Rubio and Rom have been getting along great. The first day they couldn't keep their paws off each other, but things have calmed down and beside the occasional play fighting, they mostly mind their own business.
Rom and I had his first training sessions yesterday and I introduced him to "sit", "spin", and "up" (which really means stand in your hind legs). He's doing very well and we'll do the same again today. I'm the one who really needs training, though. I'm so used to a blind dog that I have to remember how to work with a sighted dog. It's an adjustment, but luckily and easy one.

His crate training is going exceptionally well, too. Mostly this is because he's a puppy. When we got Rubio, he was 6 months old and not crate trained, so getting him used to sleeping in his kennel was VERY hard, so it's nice to have Rom just go in and go to bed. We take him out at least once during the night, but he'll probably be able to start sleeping through the night in another week or so. Rubio still sleeps on the bed with us.

Welcome Romulus (also affectionately referred to as Romster -as in Monster - and Rombo - as in Rambo).


Bowling is Good for the Soul

When Geoff and I first started dating, we went bowling a lot. This is primarily because he lived at home and I lived in BYU housing, so we needed a good place to go out without spending too much. A cheap-o bowling alley in Lindon (which is now a SCHOOL btw) did a 50 cent per game promotion every Tuesday and Thursday. My average score grew from a 68 or so to a 125 or so during that time.

Since Geoff's return from the mish, we haven't done quite as much bowling (mostly due to the aforementioned fact that the bowling alley is now an institution of learning for his younger brother). However, there is a bowling alley in Orem that does a $5 cover charge and 50 cent games on Tuesday and Thursday. Last Thursday, Stephanie and I wanted to go out to eat together and do something fun afterward. I remembered the cheap bowling and called Geoff to see if him and Scott wanted to join us (they did, of course). We had such a blast laughing and cheering and dancing and just being together. I haven't really had that much fun in awhile so I was really glad we did it.
Oh, and I did get the high score of the night with a 142.


I was already aware...

I am my father's daughter. As such, I have been blessed (or cursed, as it may be) with very...let's say...sturdy ankles. Okay, really, they are cankles. I am not overweight, this is simply the result of my musculo-skeletal structure. I wish I had slim, lady-like ankles, but the cankley ankles I do have serve well to hold up my body and maneuver my feet.

Imagine my shock, surprise, and definite dismay when I found out that July (according the Gold's Gym) is Cankle Awareness Month.

What exactly does this mean, you ask. Well, in addition to making my genetic make-up a disorder worthy of awareness, Gold's explains it this way: "In reality, they are no laughing matter and are something that we help people fight every day. We have created Cankle Awareness month to...give people real, tangible advice they can use to combat them."

Not only do they give exercise and diet tips geared at cankle reduction, they fill me in on the best ways to dress my hideous legs so as to spare others the spectacle of gazing upon my massive lower legs. These tips include: "Look for pants in soft fabrics like cotton or poly blends that drape loosely around the ankle. Skinny jeans, which bunch at the ankle, are a no-no. " and "At the gym, wear bright sneakers to draw attention away from the ankle. Sports socks that reach only to the rim of the sneaker will create longer leg lines. "

I've been thinking about it and I realized I have one more option...I could just cut my legs off altogether. It sure seems a lot easier.


Vegas #3

And, now, for all you eager beavers (okay, I'm pretty sure no one reading this is at all eager to read it...and I'm fairly confident there are no beavers) here is my next Vegas post.

We all slept in a little bit on Saturday and got out of bed around 9. After some breakfast eating and getting ready, mom and I head out for a little girl time. We drove over to the nearest movie theatre (at least according to Geoff's iPhone) to see My Sister's Keeper.
We arrived about a half hour before the movie was slated to begin. Now, please keep in mind that it was the fourth of July in Las Vegas, NV inside the Palms Casino. We nabbed the best seats in the theatre and began waiting. We waited alone. We determined since we were alone we could sit anywhere we wanted...heck, we could even lay down! No one else ever joined us. We got a private viewing!
Even more important, I think I should mention, is that this is the second movie I've ever seen in Vegas - and both times, we were the only people in the theatre.
After the movie we needed to find a grocery store to pick up some food to take back to the guys for lunch...but were disappointed to find out that there aren't any grocery stores in Vegas. (Not really, of course).

After lunch, we head over to the mall for some fun. Geoff and I had a great time hunting him down a pair of sunglasses. We also bought him a couple polos from a store called Mango (only worth mentioning, really, because it's the best name, EVER).

After the mall, we loaded into the car and went off to find a Walmart (for some necessities). We were successful - and starving, so we started driving around looking for a place to eat. We ended up at Denny's where we got surprisingly poor service considering we were their only customers.

Then we drove over to Fremont Street where they have a huge screen built over the entire street and do light shows (as tributes to bands) and virtual fireworks. There were street bands and shops and street vendors. It was a ton of fun. While on Fremont Street, I got a grain of rice with mine and Geoff's names written on it. The guy who made mine (from Khazakistan, he said - but really, China) was HILARIOUS and joked and played tricks on me the whole time. It was amazing to watch him write on the rice, too, because he didn't use any kind of magnification. I love the bracelet, not only because it's super cute, but because of the memories associated with getting it!
We stopped at the Circle K on the way back to the Venetian to pop some desperately needed popcorn and then watched a little TV while we munched. We got to bed really late that night...but knew all we really had to look forward to the next day was going home, so we didn't mind. And that was Vegas!


Whisked Away

Well, I know today's post should be Vegas 3, but that will have to wait for a little later because I've got something else to talk about.

Last night after work I went straight to the gym with my friend Stephanie. We had an awesome workout and then she brought me back home. Geoff was standing out front doing something with the mercedes and I thought that was a little weird. I got out of the car and he told me to stop and close my eyes. I complied.

He then told me to get in the car. I made him promise we weren't going anywhere too public since I was still in my gym clothes and he told me I was fine (although he did bring along my deordorant and perfume). He then had me plot an address on his iPhone and give him directions to that address.

It lead us to a super neat park in Draper where they have built basketball and a tennis court above a water collection tank. Out of the trunk he pulled a blanket and a fantastic picnic dinner. We sat in the sun and ate and laughed. Then he pulled me close and told me that with our anniversary coming up and two wonderful years coming to an end, he wanted to commit me to three more years with him. At this point he pulled out a ring box and opened it up to reveal my wedding ring (which he had taken away a few days earlier under the guise that I was being punished for leaving it at home and not wearing it) which he had taken to the jeweler and had it re-dipped in rhodium plating. It is so sparkly. Just like the day he first gave it to me. (I told him I'd give him all of my years as he slipped it on).
Then we played a little tennis until I couldn't move anymore (I had just come from the gym!).

Then he had me plot the next coordinates on the iPhone. However, the address he had written down wasn't yielding any results as I search for it. I kept trying to put in the address when all the sudden we pulled into the Ikea parking lot. Geoff had made up the address to keep me busy from realizing where he was taking me! It worked!

We shopped around Ikea for a little while and then went over to the RC Willey outlet as well. We didn't find quite what we were looking for, but love to furniture shop together, so we had a great time.

Finally, when I thought we were going home, Geoff skipped the turn-off to our house and drove into Provo canyon. He drove us about 15 minutes into the canyon to a little parking lot off the road that we used to go to when we were dating (what, with roomates privacy is a precious commodity). He then pulled out his computer and a redbox movie he had rented - and two big bowls of popcorn with spray butter (our nightly snack). We got cozy in the back seat of the merc and watch Push while eating our popcorn and enjoying eachother's company.

He then took me home. It was such a spontaneous, romantic, wonderful evening. I love him so much and know that he is the perfect man for me.
Love you, Geoff.


Vegas #2

Friday in Vegas started off as lovely as Thursday had ended. Geoff and I awoke in our King Size bed in the Imperial Palace (thanks for the correction, mom) and got ready for the day. We checked out and drove over to the Venetian. We took our bags up to the parents suite and we all went to breakfast together.

Mom and Dad went down to the gym for awhile while Geoff and I relaxed a bit in the room. Around 11, we all went down to the pool. We swam and sunned (no one got burned!) for a couple hours. Then mom and dad went back to the Venetian's health club for something called "Aquavana" (which is now on my list of things I must do) while Geoff and I got ready for the day. We all went to Madame Toussads Wax Museum. It's really cool because at this museum they let you pose with, take pictures with, and pretty much do whatever you want with the figures. We had a blast taking photos and laughing.

Maybe the best part, though, was the gift shop where they had the most hilarious packs of gum/mints and chapstick with names like: "Accept the Fact that You're Aging" lip balm, "Be Naturally Monogomous" lip balm, and "Therapy in a Bottle." Mom and I, however, both purchased the "Supermodel Meal in a Box." The box has 8 pieces of cinnamon gum and announces that there are 8 complete meals! HILARIOUS.
After all that fun, we went back up to the suite to get ready for dinner at Wofgang Puck's restaraunt Postrio in the Venetian. It was delicious and nice to get dressed up and go out.
Mom and dad went over to see their show after that, so Geoff and I went back up to take advantage of the 1400 square foot suite!

And that's day two!


Vegas #1

So much hilarity and mayhem went on during our weekend in Vegas that I don't want to try to squeeze it all into one post. This post will cover Thursday.

Thursday consisted mostly of driving. We left Orem at about noon. We had a lovely 5 hour drive and arrived in Vegas at about 4 (we lost an hour, which was sweet). We called my parents to see where we should go and they informed us that they had bought us one night at our own hotel (the Emperor's Palace). So, we head over and checked in.
Once we were all settled, we walked over to the Venetian to meet them in their suite. And sweet it was. 1400 square feet of luxury! We were all starving, so we head out to the buffet at Harrah's Casino. We had sushi and swordfish and crab legs and gelato and all kinds of amazing stuff. We then wandered our section of the strip a bit. The Venetian (and it's neighbor the Pallazo) have the most amazing shops I've ever seen. I'm pretty sure my knees went weak as we passed stores like Jimmy Choo, Barney's New York, and Manolo Blahnik. But, I did have my 'Prada' bag to at least make me feel as if I had the right to stand there. lol.
Above the shops, they have painted the ceiling like the sky. It's always dusk and the clouds are painted in such a way that they look like they are moving across the sky as you walk. It was incredible. We walked over to the mall, which was closing, so we then head over to the Wynn where mom and dad bought tickets to see La Reve the next night.

We then walked back to our respective hotels and made plans to meet the next morning for breakfast.


To the Infirmiry.

Well, yesterday afternoon I was at the mall with Steffanie and Stephanie (Steff and I had just gotten the CUTEST 4th of July pedicures - see photo) when my phone rang and it was Geoff at work. He told me he was in a ton of pain and wanted me to come take him to the insta-care (or doc-in-the-box as my mom would call it). Since I've never seen Geoff go to the doctor since I've known him, I knew he was in some serious pain.

I went and picked him up from work and took him to a nearby instacare. They talked to him and determined that he was having a "textbook" (as the doctor put it) migraine. She prescribed Imitrex for the future and then explained that the best way to get over a migraine if you are already in the middle of it is "deep sleep." To help facilitate this "deep sleep" they gave Geoff three injections.

As of the time I left for work this morning Geoff was still pretty much incoherent. I'll be surprised if he even remembers our conversations (which mostly comprise of Geoff falling asleep mid-sentence and then waking up to finish the sentence a moment later or Geoff mumbling something that is barely recognizable as the english language). I'm hopeful that he'll be feeling better once the medication wears off. But, if not, I'm glad we went to the doc and made sure it was nothing more serious and that he'll have some medication to help if this happens in the future!