I-Wish-It-Was-Spring Cleaning

After being away on business for two weeks, I am a happy lady to be at home.  Not that 4 days in Arizona wasn't a welcome respite from the winter-that-can't-let-go out here in ND.  However, it is nice to be back with my man and my pups in my lovely home.

Geoff welcomed me home with the happiest arrangement of spring-colored flowers which spurred me into a feeling of Spring hope.

I woke up Saturday morning determined to get the winter blues out of my house and fill it with clean scents and thus the spring cleaning began.  I scrubbed and washed and wiped.  I cleaned out the fridge and freezer.  I swept and mopped, I organized and straightened.  When I was mopping, I even let the door sit open for awhile to let fresh air in (hey, 35 degree air is allowed inside).

And then, last night, while Geoff and I were watching the end of American's Funniest Home Videos, it happened.  Winter Storm Warning*.  *Significant snowfall in excess of a foot is possible.

Sigh.  Back to eating pizza in my pajamas...