Day Eight: A Place You've Traveled to and Where Else You'd Like to Travel

A Place I've Traveled to and Where Else I'd Like to Travel

This could, honestly, end up being a really lame post.  Honestly, I'm not much of one for traveling!  My current job has given me the opportunity to travel quite a bit, but the nature of our work means I'm mostly traveling to small, Midwestern towns.  It's been a really fun experience, but I don't feel like travel is exciting or interesting, necessarily.  Trips as a kid were fun.  But, as an adult, it's just an awful lot of work.

Don't get me wrong, I like a good trip, but I just don't WANT to travel.  Ha. 

Having said that, I will answer the prompt.  But, those of you out there who have traveled the world and loved it, you'll think I'm a real bummer. 

So, a place I've traveled to.  This is a weird question.  It doesn't have to be a cool place, a place I loved, or a unique place.  Just, a place.  I guess I'll go with Washington DC.  When I was a senior in high school, my choir had the opportunity to sing at the lighting of the national Christmas tree.  This was a really cool experience.  As a bit of a (US) history nut, I really enjoyed the chance to tour and sing in the White House, to tour the Pentagon (it was close enough after 9/11 that general tours weren't being done), and to shake the President's hand.  Also, as a California girl, being there at Christmas time and watching big, fat snowflakes flutter down from the sky was really neat.  I'd love to go back to the area and do a lot more sightseeing. 

And, where else I'd like to travel.  As I said, I'm just not yearning to travel around the world.  I'm sure I would love many places.  I think that Italy, Greece, China, Japan and Australia would be the experience of a lifetime if I were to go - but I just don't really feel strongly that I need to make it happen.  I really want to take Geoff to Disneyland (he's never been!!!), but that's something we are saving for when the little man is a bit older.  Anywhere with a warm beach is welcome in my life, so Hawaii or the Virgin Islands would be fun.  But, I'm pretty content to find adventure close to home and sleep in my own bed at night. 

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  1. You know if you'd like to visit DC, let us know. We'd love to have you and show you around!