30 Day Challenge: Day One

Let me start by saying how overwhelmed I am with the response I had to my previous post (comments ended up on Facebook, but there were many heartfelt and uplifting words).  Things aren't always easy right now, but I'm moving forward and feeling a measure of peace. 

Having said that, I feel like my blog needs a little revitalization!  Writing that post was really great for me and reminded me of why I enjoy blogging.  The opportunity to express my thoughts and share them with others is good for me!  So, I did a little searching and I came across a 30-day blog challenge that I'm going to give a try.  Starting today. 

So, here goes nothing.  Day 1: Introduce, recent picture of yourself, 15 interesting facts [about yourself].

Introduction: Well, introductions seem a little formal since I've had this blog for years now.  But, for anyone who's new, my name is Amanda.  I've been married to my fantastic hub, Geoff, for 5 years (it will be 6 in 2013).  We've got a 15-month old son who is amazing!  We are located in Fargo, ND. 

Recent Pic:
The Hub and me on New Year's Eve.
15 interesting facts: "Interesting" is up to interpretation, I suppose.  But here goes nothing:

1) I've been to 20 states, but I've never been outside of the US.
2) Of those 20 states, my visits to 9 of them happened in the past 3 years.
3) I love to bake and I consider cookies my specialty.
4) I didn't inherit my looks from my mom, but I did inherit her brain.  She's my bestie.
5) My favorite movie falls to a toss up between Men In Black and Mission Impossible, depending on my mood when you ask.
6) My favorite color is purple.
7) I collect Salt and Pepper shakers.
8) I enjoy TV and some of my favorite shows include soapy dramas like Grey's Anatomy and Parenthood, comedies like New Girl and The Office, reality shows like The Bachelor, and Sci-Fi shows like Star Trek (the hub and I are in the final season of the Enterprise series currently).
9) If you were going to buy me a treat your best bet would be brownies, Ritter Dark Chocolate bar with Marzipan, or caramel corn.
10) We LOVE thrift store shopping and have scored some serious steals over the years.
11) In the all-important debate, I think that McDonald's > Wendy's.
12) I don't sing nearly enough.  It is one of my few real passions.  I just feel good when I'm doing it.
13) Mean Girls and Zoolander are two movies that are quoted at some point during my day on a nearly daily basis.
14) Baseball is the best sport.  In my opinion.  My opinion is right.  ;-)
15)  I think that breakfast food is welcome (and encouraged) for every meal. 

Here's to tomorrow!


  1. Why did we never watch Zoolander or Mean girls together... I can't believe it... I still haven't seen Zoolander.

  2. A few other things:

    16. Amanda taught herself to ride a two wheeled bike before her fifth birthday.
    17. Amanda loves to run. She's slow. But slow and steady wins the race!
    18. Amanda had quite an adventure in a skeezy swimsuit in a supermarket in St. George. Ask her about it sometime.

    I kinda love her.