Day Twelve: Something You Don't Leave the House Without

Something I Don't Leave the House Without

Well, my mind immediately goes to the staples: wallet, keys, cell phone.  However, I'd be full of lies if I pretended like I didn't forget at least one of those things on a semi-regular basis. 

I typically drop Will off at day care on my way to work in the mornings.  This means that, on those days, his stuff comes first.  I pack up his bag with snacks, diapers, wipes, a clean bottle, pacifier, and his blankie.  I get him dressed, his shoes, his coat.  However, this often means I DON'T have my own stuff as organized. I hardly ever forget my work laptop, but, in all the preparations, I often forget to stick my wallet in the bag or to stuff my phone in my pocket. 

The only thing I'm guaranteed not to forget these days is my coat - as Fargo winter weather won't let you make that mistake. 


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