Anniversary Celebration(s)

Having an anniversary fall on a Wednesday has all the makings of lame. But, if you are like us, you can find a way to drag that anniversary out over the week and the weekend. Haha.

Geoff and I found numerous ways to celebrate our third year together. He picked me up from the airport Tuesday night (the 17th) and brought me a beautiful bouquet.
He brought me home where I immediately noticed the new furniture out on our balcony. I've been begging for furniture out there for months now. What good is a balcony when you don't use it! Geoff knew exactly the right furniture to get for me - and it was the perfect surprise. The chairs recline nearly into a lying position and each chair has a side table for (obviously) our sodas.

Wednesday (our actual anniversary) was a busy day for us. Geoff works with the 11-year old scouts and I'm the achievement days leader, so, we went out for lunch, but overall, we didn't get to do much celebrating that day.

Thursday we woke up early and I make German Pancakes for breakfast. We ate outside on the balcony in our fantastic new furniture, with the dogs at our feet. Thursday night I went to a minor league baseball game with my co-workers. Geoff opted to have a night to himself (can't blame him, our lives get kinda busy sometimes!).

Friday we went out to Chili's for the 2 for $20 dinner deal. We also watched our netflix "Curious Case of Benjamin Button". Truthfully, I fell asleep about 2 hours in. But, that's not a surprise. I hardly ever make it through a movie.

Saturday we woke up to a gorgeous day and went out to embark on a project I've been wanting to do for a long time. We went to downtown Fargo with our camera and took pictures of letters from the signs on local businesses (or wherever we could find letters, as evidenced by the K on the water tower) in order to spell our last name. It turned out fantastic and was tons of fun. That night, we rented Alice In Wonderland from redbox.
Sunday I, once again, took advantage of my balcony and read for an hour out in the warm summer air. We played some Rock Band, did some crochet, just had a lovely day together.

All in all it was a lovely few days and a wonderful way to start year number 4 together.

Love you so much, Geoff.


C'mon Get Happy

20 Things that make me happy:
1) The hub
2) My pups
3) 50 cent ice cream cones at McDonald's
4) Thunder
5) Mika and other equally fun music
7) TV shows, including, but not limited to: 30 Rock, Law and Order: SVU, Fringe, House, Desperate Housewives, and Psych
8) Popcorn
9) Pedicures
10) Introspection
11) Hot tubs
12) Shopping
13) A Clean House
14) My job
15) Bike Rides
16) Blogging
17) Cooking something that turns out like it's supposed to (thank you South Beach Diet Cookbook!)
18) Photobooths
19) Winter clothes
20) Candid photographs

Just felt like sharing. Leave a comment and let me know what makes YOU happy.


Sky Mall

So, flying from Fargo to CA makes for a lot more travel time then the old trip from Salt Lake City to CA. The plus sides to these longer trips include: 1) more and faster frequent flyer miles and 2)more time to peruse the Sky Mall catalog.

Sky Mall is fun because it is full of all kinds of bizarre stuff that you didn't know you needed. But something about being up in the sky in an airplane, cut off from all outside communication is almost enough to get your thinking, "maybe I do need that Lord of the Rings chess set." And just when I'm ready to order - I come across the items that snap me back into reality.

Case(s) in point:
The Dog DryerI will bet you $100 bucks right now that the grooming system displayed in that photo is NOT on. If I even look at the vacuum wrong, my dog is off to hide in a small, dark, albeit safe, place. He's not gonna sit and vogue for the camera while I "gently blow warm air throughout [his] fur" with my overpriced blow dryer.

The Healthiest Deep FryerThe day I believe that my deep fried foods are healthy...is the day I've truly lost my mind.

Flip Fin Scuba FinsNow, granted, I am not an avid Scuba Diver (nor will I ever be - underwater creeps me out). But I think when you become a Scuba Diver you need to resign yourself to one simple fact - there is nothing normal about walking around in Scuba fins. Especially if they flip up and touch your knees. Useful, maybe. Normal? No.


It May Have Been Short

Our weekend to CA for Cole's blessing may have been short, but it also couldn't have been much sweeter.
We flew out Friday afternoon/evening. Matt and Lindsay picked us
up at the airport - where I finally got to meet the little Cole man in person. He's even more perfect in person then in his pictures.

We spent most of the day Saturday spending time together at Matt's apartment. Mom and Pa showed up a little later. Dad took the men-folk to the movies while us ladies did nails and ooohed and ahhhed over the baby. Dinner that night at Sweet Tomatoes was pretty hilarious. It always feels good to laugh with the fam. We do a lot of it!

Sunday was the blessing. Cole was perfectly behaved through the whole thing and Matt did a wonderful job blessing his first little one. There were tons of family there. Grandma and Grandpa Gamblin came, AD and Danny, Lindsay's grandparents, my great-aunt and some of her kids/grandkids. We went to the park after church and had a Cafe Rio style buffet - delish!!! It was so nice to get to just hang out with AD, too. I feel like every time I see her it's kind of a hurried situation - so it was nice to just spend the day together. I miss her.

Monday we woke up at our hotel and had waffles with Mama and Daddy G. Then we went back to the apartment and soaked up as much Cole as we could before we had to head back to the airport.

It was so great to see the fam, laugh, meet the little man and just have a wonderful time. Thanks to Matt and Lindsay for being so hospitable to us crazy North Dakotans. We'll be back soon!