Day Four: Your Parents

My Parents

This is kind of a fun topic for me.  I have been blessed with some pretty amazing parents.  I'm also a pretty good mixture of the two.  I got my looks from my dad's side of the family.  I got my wit from my mom.  I got my patience from my dad.  I got my mad baking skills from my mom.  I got my work ethic from them both.

I was pretty lucky as a teen.  My parents weren't super lame (which is a plus for any teen).  But, the three of us had a really good time together -  and still do.

I talk to my mom every day and she and I like to joke that we "share a brain."  Which of us actually gets it on any given day is a debatable.  We have delusions of someday having our own podcast, and I'd be the Regis to her Kelly.  And, of course, we would be undoubtedly famous - because we think we're hilarious.  It has yet to be determined if that is because we share a brain or because we are, indeed, hilarious. She "gets me" on a level that no one else can and I'm so grateful to have her in my life.
My dad has always had the innate power to make me feel special.  On Sunday afternoons he used to sit on the couch and listen to me sing (for as long as I was willing), while my mom accompanied me on the piano.  I was told I could do anything I wanted - but I also knew it was true.  I knew that I was strong and smart and beautiful and that my father believed I could be successful in anything to which I put my mind.  I'm pretty self-motivated, but it was my dad's belief in my abilities that really removed the need from "rules" in my life growing up.  The person I am today has a lot to do with the fact that my dad knew that I could be this person and encouraged me to take the steps to get here.  

I'm a lucky girl and I hope to be as good a parent to my kids as my parents were to me.  

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  1. You really do have the very best parents. :) I feel blessed just to have them as my aunt and uncle!