Well, Will is growing up so fast these days, I can't seem to blog fast enough to document all his awesomeness.  Every time I blink he's doing something new (and awesome). 

Since our last 'chat', Will got his first tooth and fed himself some cereal puffs. 

First Tooth: 6/7/2012 - 7 months 3 days old. 

First Fed Himself: 6/14/2012 - 7 months 10 days old

Teething wasn't a big deal for us.  In fact, we didn't even realize he had a tooth coming in until the day before it erupted.  He was a little extra fussy that day, so I jokingly said, "he must be teething."  But, sure enough, when I checked - there was a tooth coming in.

He has not been very cooperative in getting photos of his crooked little bottom-left tooth.  Every time I try he either squirms away or sticks his tongue out.  So, this blurry little number is all you get. And, yes, that little white thing is a tooth, not food - although the state of his face might mislead you.  haha.

I got a video of him eating (and the extreme concentration involved), but I recorded it with my phone, so it's sideways, so I won't post it here.  If you have a mobile device, however (so you can turn it the right direction) and wish to see it, I'm happy to share.   So, instead, here's a picture of his bead head this morning. 

Happy Friday.



Monday was lil' Will's 7 month birthday.  I, quite literally, can't believe I have a 7 month old child.  Time just slips away so quickly.  I've been loving every minute of it. 
He's got the best little personality.  He loves life, he's engaged and a bit stubborn.  He's smart and happy and quite content to entertain himself for bursts of time. 

He's getting to be a better and better sleeper.  I'm still up about once a night with him, but never for too long. 

He still hasn't gotten any teeth, but we've introduced lots of new foods to him and he [pretty much] likes everything.  Since we last talked, he's added avocado, beef, chicken, ham, pineapple, yogurt, butternut squash, broccoli, green beans, carrots, turkey (not a fan), and little puffs (banana and mango flavored) to his menu.  He can hold his own bottle and likes to grab the spoon while he eats sometimes, but he's not a self-feeder yet. 

He's a good little sitter.  He can't get himself into (or out of) the sitting position, but once he's there, he's happy.  He's also getting to be quite a mover.  He can't crawl (on his belly) yet, but he scoots around on his back (pushes with his legs and travels around on the back of his head) and rolls and pivots on his belly.  Last night he was all over his room - from one end to the other. 

He likes to chat.  This morning when I woke up, I could hear him babbling to himself.  So, I went into his room and he had turned on his mobile and was talking to it and grinning like a mad man.  It was fantastic.

Watch the following video if you are looking for a reason to smile today. 

He's got the babas and the mamas and sometimes even a dada down pretty well.  My favorite is when he will sometimes just shout mom!  He doesn't know what he's saying, but it makes me so happy.

We've got a business trip at the end of the month - and both Will and I are very excited to see Grandma G when she comes to nanny him for a few days. 

Hard to believe he'll be almost 8 months by then.  Hopefully, for Grandma's sake, he's not really crawling by then, or she'll have her work cut out for her. 

We love you, Will.