The Rundown

I feel like I have so little to blog about as of late. But then, when I really think about it, our lives are far from boring around here. Here's a quick rundown:

1) Geoff's car is at the body shop pending repairs from an accident (this is a long story - one that Geoff would like to forget, so we'll move on - Note: Geoff did not cause the accident, nor was he even driving the car at the time of the accident). In the meantime we are driving a rental car. We have determined that the Chevy Aveo is not for us, but are thankful for the discounted rate since we rented through the body shop.

2) Rubio and Romulus got a much-needed grooming. Post-grooming it was clear that Rubio had some serious skin irritation going on. I made him an appointment to the vet right away and he is now on a battery of medications to fight multiple infections (three pills and a cream every morning). That. Poor. Dog. He's a champ, though, and seems to be feeling a lot better already.

3) It's been a stormy summer here in Fargo and beside the whole fence incident, we've faired pretty well. A storm this past weekend finally took down a huge branch on our front tree, forcing Geoff to become a tree trimmer. Watching him climb the tree with the saw hanging from his belt loop was pretty fun.

4) Baby boy is the length of an ear of corn this week (apparently). He weighs about a pound and a quarter and is getting pretty vigorous with his kicking. We can now watch my belly twitch while he does his circus act in there. It's hard to believe we are only a month away from the third trimester. One of the hardest parts about being so far from family is the realization that I have to OWN everything. I can't borrow or steal from family if I don't have everything (although my sister-in-law did offer to send me my nephew's old clothes - and that will be a dream come true!). The list-making has commenced.

5) Geoff's fam is coming into town tomorrow and will be here for about 6 days. It's going to be great to have them around and hopefully the weather cooperates so we don't have to spend any time crouching in the basement avoiding tornadoes (my family came out following our first snowstorm last year and a few days filled with negative temps - it would be nice if someone got to see Fargo at its best!).

Carry on!


Baby Update

Well, hello friends and blog-readers. 

I'm back from Pittsburgh and returning to the swing of my normal routine.  I thought I'd give you all a pregnancy update.  Beside the gender announcement, I haven't posted much regarding the little one, so here's an update for those who are interested (and if you aren't interested, you should be - this kid rocks!).

I'm 23 weeks and 1 day along and I've got 117 days left.  It sounds like a lot and hardly any time left at the same time. 

Baby is apparently the size of a papaya...but at nearly 12 inches and just over a pound in weight, that's one serious papaya. 

He is a mover and a shaker.  He loves to roll around in there and stretch his little self out while he still can - it's going to start getting cramped in there soon.  At pretty much every Dr appt I have, the doc mentions that he doesn't sit still very well for while she checks his heartbeat.  It makes me smile. 

Geoff got to feel him move from the outside for the first time yesterday evening and that was definitely something we've both been waiting to have happen. 

We've got many of our "big" purchases completed for the little one.  The crib, mattress, and changing table are in place.  We have a pack 'n play and some clothes.  My parents will be sending along a bassinet and car seat/stroller before too long.  So, we need to start stocking up on diapers and nursing supplies next.  We've still got quite awhile before the baby actually arrives, but I like to spread out all the prep because if I save it to the last minute I will likely 1) go broke and 2) lose my mind (provided I've got one left at this point). 

We aren't any closer to a name then we were 23 weeks ago.  If anything, we're further!  There are lots of names we like (Will, Lincoln, Liam, Nathaniel (Nate), Samuel, Jackson, Benjamin - as you can see, we are rather traditional), but nothing has really "stuck" yet.  So, I guess we'll see how things progress!

Thanks for all the well wishes and please keep us all in your thoughts and prayers as we are just one month away from the third trimester!



So I had two amusing conversations yesterday I thought I'd share with you. 

Conversation One:

The Scene: Geoff and I are driving home from work.  We are carpooling today because earlier in the day we SOLD the Mercedes (so Geoff drove that to work, but gave it to the buyer at lunch, thus becoming carless for the day).  So, I turn to Geoff and say:

Amanda: "Guess what!"

Geoff: "What?"

Amanda: "We are officially a two-car household!"

Geoff: "Woo Hoo!"  At which point he starts laughing.  As do I. 

Amanda: "It's kind of funny that we are celebrating not because we bought a second car, but..."

Geoff: "because we sold our third."

Ridiculous.  All in all that makes 6 cars owned in our not-quite-4-year-marriage.  I reiterate, Ridiculous.

Conversation Two:

The Scene: I am at Walmart (obviously) picking up groceries for Geoff for the week while I'm away.  I'm also picking up a some things for my travels, some new makeup, camisoles, shoes...you know...the neccesities.  So, I get to the checkout.  I used to be a bagger at a grocery store, so I'm very contientious of the way to load my groceries onto the belt.  Heavy items first, then frozen/cold items, then boxed/midweight foods, then eggs/bread/chips - the delicates.  Last on the belt are non-food items.  So, I've got everything loaded onto the belt and I walk over and clear my bags off the little bag carousel so she had free bags and then swipe my card.  The checker is watching me closely. 

Checker lady: "Wow.  You've kind of mastered the Walmart shop there."

Me: Taken a little by surprise, "Well, I have had a lot of practice."

Checker lady: "Well, you know what they say - practice makes perfect."

Me: "That's what I keep telling my husband."


Vacation and Projects and Travel. Oh, my!

Well, it's been too long since I last posted.  Life has been pretty busy around here.  Work has been non-stop since we've been short-handed as everyone takes their vacations.  But, overall, I haven't got much to complain about.  This post may be a little long, though.  So, buckle up. 

First things first.  Over the 4th of July weekend, Geoff and I decided to take an extra day and headed down to the cities on the Thursday afternoon before the 4th.  We piled the pups into the Optima and loaded the bike rack on the back, checked the weather forecast and ventured out. 

Thursday was a hot, hot day up in these parts, so we were glad to have the air conditioning in the car.  Although at the rate the dogs were panting in the back seat, you'd think we were in a sweat lodge.  We made it to the hotel around 5.  We unloaded the car and crated the dogs back in the hotel room and investigated places to go for dinner.  On Yelp we found a rotisserie grill called "Brasa."  It was this delicious, outdoor, organic restaurant.  All the food comes a la cart...and we ordered way too much.  Including Crispy Yucca with Citrus and Garlic, Fried Plantains, Cornbread, a Spicy Masa Corn Cake (so good).  I got the rotisserie chicken and Geoff got a slow roasted pork sandwich.  We couldn't finish it all, but it was fantastic. 

Friday morning we got up and checked the forecast.  We were in for another hot, muggy day so we decided to stick to indoor activities.  We went to the Mall of America and did some retail therapy.  We picked up a gift for the baby and a whole slew of games for ourselves at the games store.  In the evening we went bowling at the bowling alley on the 4th floor (and ate more delicious - if not too much - food).  The bowling alley was a blast and I even beat Geoff at one of our two games!

Saturday the weather finally calmed down and we were in for a beautiful, sunny day in the mid 80s.  So, we broke out the bikes and went out to bike a portion of the Grand Rounds Bike Path.  It's a loop that goes all the way around Minneapolis.  We started out by biking along the river to Minnehaha Falls.  We then biked north up along the Mississippi into downtown Minneapolis.  We stopped for Thai food at lunch then biked across town to the sculpture gardens.  It also happened to be the first Saturday of the month, so the modern art museum across the street from the gardens was free.  The air conditioning was a welcome treat. 
After the gardens, we biked backed to the car down the Chain of Lakes (three lakes in a row).  It was a cool stretch to bike...but we (I) was getting pretty exhausted at that point.  We'd been biking for about 4 hours and 25 miles.  My 5 and 1/2 month pregnant body was feeling it! 
After some good rest on Saturday night, Sunday rolled around.  We decided to pretend like it wasn't Sunday ;) and went mini-golfing (I beat Geoff by a single stroke!) and to Ikea.  We picked up some things for the baby's room.  At this point we decided that rather than try to drive back to Fargo on the 4th of July, we'd drive back that day.  So we checked out the hotel and head home.  We got home around 7pm and decided to sneak in Transformers 3 before the day ended. 
Monday we had booked a tee-time to go golfing a a 3-par course in Detroit Lakes and planned to go tubing down the Otter Tail River.  However, I wasn't feeling up to more sun and was feeling kind of overexerted from the previous (super fun) days.  So, we ended up staying home and getting life back to normal.  We went to shoot fireworks with friends in the evening, but a storm and tornado warnings put an early end to that (we went out the next night and shot them all off).  It was a wonderful weekend together. 

This past weekend, I decided I wanted to paint the baby's nursery.  I've still got enough energy to undertake such a project, so I wanted to get it done before I get too pregnant.  I showed Geoff my top three baby-bedding ideas (I'm planning to sew the bumper cover and bed skirt myself) and he helped me zero in on our favorite.  That led us to choosing the paint colors - sky blue and chocolate brown. 

Saturday morning I dragged Geoff out of bed around 8am to go pick up all the supplies.  When we were getting ready to head home and get started, he got a call from someone who wanted to test drive the Mercedes (they bought it!!).  So, while he went out a met the guy, I started taping off the room.  When Geoff got home I had just finished and was ready for him to help me put a level line across the room to divide the blue area from the brown.  The pictures don't really show the previous color very well.  It was a green.  Kind of an olivey-green.  Not terrible...just not what I wanted.  Below, see the patient, prepped for surgery. 

Then he went to work on some homework while I painted the blue. 

While the blue dried, I went out and bought another paint tray (the one thing I forgot when picking up supplies).  Then we ate dinner while waiting for the paint to dry.  Once the blue was dry, I re-taped so we could do the brown.  Geoff helped me paint the first coat of brown and then got called away (by his brother) so I finished up the second coat. 

And voila!  Painted nursery!  It was a really fun project and I enjoyed the opportunity to do something for Baby. 
And, lest anyone is concerned about me painting, I wore a dust mask and read plenty about whether it was safe to paint (with latex paint in a well ventilated room) and was assured all was well.

I leave this week for a business trip.  I get to see Stephanie - one of my best friends from Utah - while I'm out there, so that should be a great treat!