All Grown Up!

Yesterday was Will's first birthday.  I'll blog more about the birthday festivities later, but for now, I wanted to let you know - he's started walking!  He took his first steps on his first birthday. 

There's no going back now...


Will's First Halloween

Last year on Halloween I was confined to bed rest (2 days away from induction!).  I remember feeling the torture of all the ADORABLE Halloween-themed baby clothes and costumes and wishing my little guy felt like coming early.

I'm glad he didn't.  But, we did have to wait nearly a year for his first Halloween.  It was a blast.  I thought long and hard about our costumes and considered a variety of options (some which may be future costumes for coming years), but settled on Will and me as bees and Geoff as the beekeeper.  This came together great! Will was adorable, I loved an excuse to get into costume, and Geoff's no-fuss costume ensured he wouldn't put up a fight.  haha.

We had a great time at the ward carnival/trunk or treat and got some decent pictures (Will is at an age where it's pretty much impossible to get him to sit still for a photo - he is ALWAYS on the go)

Happy Halloween!  I can't believe my boy will be 1 in just 3 days.  Time really does fly!

Giggles with the queen bee and baby bumble bee.
Captured by the beekeeper
The church gym was an exciting place.
Thinking about walking while peeking from behind mom.
Pausing briefly before continuing around the gym.
The whole clan.  Happy Halloween!