Woe IS me

So, with a child constantly kicking me in the belly, I obviously have that little guy on my mind a lot. 

For this, I should probably apologize to my blog readers who aren't at the point of bearing children.  I was one of those people not too long ago, and listening to pregnant women blather on about their baby and pregnancy got a little old.  But, now that I'm in the thick of it, it all makes perfect sense!  So, I won't actually apologize because there is a human being growing inside me.  If that doesn't warrant a little distraction, then I don't know what does!  Just wait - one day it'll all make sense!

So, anyway, Ma and I are discussing travel plans.  In a perfect world, she'll be in town when wee little Ace is born (that is Mama Gs nickname for our as-yet unnamed little one).  This is hard to plan for, however, unless she plans to spend all her money on plane tickets by flying out when I go into labor.  So, we're looking at dates.  And, of course, I start noticing days of the week. 

Ace is due on a Monday.  This makes me think right away, "Monday's child is full of grace."  It turns out this is wrong.  It goes like this:

So, my kiddo is DUE to be fair of face.  I guess this magically changes if he comes early on, say, Saturday?  His face becomes a little less fair and he is destined to be harder working?

I was born quite a bit before my due date.  Quite miraculously, I was due on a Wednesday and born on a Wednesday (albeit a few weeks earlier).  I do not find myself or my life to be terribly woeful, but maybe you just get used to your own level of woe?  Because I am Wednesday's child...so I must be full of woe (my mother may argue I'm full of something else...).

And WHY is Wednesday the only negative day?  I mean, everyone else gets this beautiful promise of beauty or grace or potential, or being bonny.  Alas, poor Wednesday. 

My husband was actually born on his due date (pretty impressive).  This was a Thursday morning.  So, he's got far to go.  At least he's got some potential.  Alongside his woeful wife. 

Want to find out what you're full of?  Try it.  Share in the comments.


  1. Monday. And I surely didn't live up to the nursery rhyme!

  2. Whatever you're full of kid, so am I! How did I not know that I am a Wednesday's child? Poor, pitiful me. I think I'm gonna go eat some worms. I swear I was a Monday's child. I mean, look at me.

    For the record, your pop is full of grace, which is hilariousness in action. When I think of him, the first word that comes to my mind is graceful. Oh, yes.

    And of course your brother was born on a Monday. Of course. And so was his son ...

    I want a do-over!

  3. Oh I'm Friday! I like that one. :) Abby and Derek are Monday. Kate and Lily are Thursday. Thanks for the rhyme, it's cute! If your little man hasn't come by his due date they would induce a week after that, so maybe still a Monday. Abby was born on her due date as well. We liked that she was born on 8-7-06 so we were glad she came that day. :)

  4. Apparently I work hard for a living? I worked hard to find a husband so that I could be a trophy wife.

  5. At Miss Lindsay: My work here is done.

  6. Amanda and Dianne, I think I'll joint the woeful club. I'm also a Wednesday baby. If my baby is born on his due date, than he/she will be a hard working little one.