My Little Fam

There's nothing like a newborn around the holidays to really highlight the priorities in life.  There's really nothing more valuable in this world than family.  As I look at my little, tiny, beautiful baby boy, it's hard not to imagine the Savior when he was born.  Like each of us, he was born into this world totally dependent.  Ultimately, he gave us the most precious gift that could ever be given.  The gift of eternal life is one that is infinitely more beautiful to me now that I have my own little family.  The knowledge that I can be together with Geoff and Will forever is not only comforting, but essential to my happiness. 

Over the Christmas holiday, Geoff and I had the opportunity to visit both our families out in Utah and California.  While we were in California, my parents took us to the Oakland temple to see the Christmas lights.  It was beautiful.  It was also so meaningful.  Four years ago, Geoff and I were able to be sealed together forever inside that fantastic building and now that we have added Will to the family, that day has even more significance to me.
A photo Geoff took while we were at the temple

I love Will more each day.  And each day I think to myself, it would be impossible to love someone more than I love him.  I loved our travels during December and having Will have the opportunity to be around all those who love him.  There are so many.  He is such a lucky boy to have so many people who love him. 

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.  May 2012 be full of happiness, strength, growth, change and family.  
Our Christmas card.  Many of you will receive a hard copy. 
They didn't make it in the mail before Christmas -
but that's a long story for another blog day.

I'll try to be a better blogger.  Things are very busy around here, but I want to document so much.  So, don't give up on me yet. 



I missed a Thanksgiving post on account of my life has been a little crazy.  So, I want to recount a few of my blessings for which I am so very grateful this year.  There are many more, but here are a few.

1) My healthy, strong, handsome little son.
2) My wonderful, loving husband and his willingness to work so hard for our family - even though it's really hard sometimes.
3) My supportive family.  Both my side and my in-laws.  I feel so supported and I am so grateful for each and every one of them.
4) My home.
5) My dogs.
6) My job.
7) A job situation that has worked out for Geoff to ensure we get to keep our benefits and that he can work hours that allow him to be home with Will.
8) A mild North Dakota fall.
9) The ability to Skype directly from my phone.
10) This wonderful holiday season and the chance to celebrate the birth of the Savior.

Merry Christmas!

Here's a couple pics from Thanksgiving at our house.

Dinner: Ham, Mashed Potatoes and Gravy, Candied
Sweet Potatoes, Green Beans with Bacon, and Rolls.

Me and Will


1 month old...already!

So, I know I haven't been much of a blogger as of late.  It's a little hard.  When Will sleeps, I have so many things I want to do.  From cleaning, to laundry, to decorating for the holidays, to showering, to napping, to blogging - it's hard to manage all that I want to get done! 

And so here I am, blogging the day after Will celebrated his 1 month birthday.  The last time I blogged it was about his birth.  It's crazy how fast time flies.  But, also incredible how much I love this boy and how much that grows day by day. 

Will is doing great.  He grows cuter by the day.  He's getting increasingly alert and interested in the world around him.  He's tracking pretty well with his eyes (I caught a pretty great video of it if anyone is interested) and has some impressive neck strength.  Tummy time doesn't make him nearly as angry as it used to.  Thank goodness.  He's now over 8 pounds - gained closed to 2 pounds since he was released from the hospital.  So, he's feeding well and growing up fast! 

There's still no telling what color his eyes are going to be.  Sometimes they look very light and sometimes a bit darker.  They are definitely bluer than when he was born (they were very gray), so we'll see.  Either way, we're happy, but it will be interesting to see which direction they go. 

Geoff is surviving amazingly well considering he's juggling full-time work, school, and daddy-hood.  Luckily the semester is almost over and he'll get a much-needed 2 week break from school and work.  Come January when I return to work, Geoff will switch to a night/weekend work schedule and stay home during the day with Will.  I'm going to try to hide my jealousy because I'm so glad that my two favorite men get to be together if I can't be with them. 

On Saturday we had Will's newborn pictures and our family photos taken, so we should get those back soon and be able to send out announcements/Christmas cards.  I'm looking forward to that.

Here are a few photos to document what we've been up to over the past few weeks.  Enjoy! (Click on the photos to view them bigger)

Will during his first bath.  Just a couple days old.

Grandpa came to visit!

A little cuddle time with Grandpa G.

Will, Daddy G and I.  Almost a smile on his face.

We attempted to take some family pics while the Gs were here.

The men and their "cigars."

A couple weekends ago Geoff replaced the window in our living room
with french doors.  There is a deck out there.  He did an amazing job!

The shirt says it all.

Our living room - Christmas style.

My dining room table

Will rocking a little tummy time on the quilt his Grandma
Parker made for him.  It's amazing.