Day Fourteen: A Picture of You Last Year

A Picture of You Last Year - How Have You Changed

Here's a pic of myself from almost exactly a year ago.  Obviously my hair color has changed as I'm currently rockin' the blonde.  This was my first attempt at shortening my hair - I ultimately cut off another couple inches and went VERY blonde a couple months after this photo. My blonde is more toned down now and my hair is actually about the same length as this photo, if not slightly longer (I'm currently in the "growing it out" cycle). 

I've also lost about 10 pounds since this photo was taken.  I'm right at about my pre-pregnancy weight with Will (about 25 pounds heavier than I'd LIKE to be).  But, I've been maintaining that pretty steadily for about 9 months now, so that's at least a win.

Outside of just the physical, behind me you can see the front window of my house - which we sold in October.  I've was promoted in the past year and am now working in a supervisory position at my company.  I had another birthday and have now lived for OVER a quarter of a century. 

It was a great year.  I learned a lot and go to watch my teeny little newborn grow into an amazing little toddler.  I developed a lot personally and professionally.  I helped my hub finally get his Bachelor's degree.  I wonder what I'll be saying next year!


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