Day Sixteen: Your Body

Your Opinion of Your Body and How Comfortable You Are with it

Well, this prompt is a TALL order.  My body and I have worked hard over the years to develop a relationship wherein we both get along.  Oftimes this means my brain and tongue want lots of delicious, fatty foods while my body itself wants healthy, nutritious foods and exercise.  I often find myself giving into one or the other - but never really balancing the two. 

However, my present weight or activity status aside, a lot changed about my relationship with my body a couple years ago.  Being pregnant and have the opportunity to give birth to my precious baby boy changed everything.  I once thought of my body as more of a status symbol or a reflection of my real value.  With this mindset, what my body looked like was extremely important.  The number on the scale reflected more than the mass of my body - but how good that body was.  I reflected how beautiful, how loveable, how precious that body was.  I WAS WRONG.

My body is amazing.  It has the power to create life.  The power to nurture another human being into existence.  The power to walk and talk and dance and carry around my son.   The power to smile and help lift another's burdens.  The weight on the scale is just a reflection of how much this body weighs.  Not a reflection of how wonderful and valuable it is. 

While I'd be lying if I said I didn't have a goal to lose a few pounds and get more active, those goals have so much less to do with making me feel prettier or better than they once did.  I just know that I'd be doing my own self a favor by having more energy and being healthier moving forward. 

So, my opinion of my body?  I'm so grateful it's mine.  It can do amazing things.  It has taken my abuse for years and years and still remains strong.  I love my body.  (I may not love my figure, but those are two different things, in my opinion).

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