Losing or Gaining?

Well, it is entirely possible that I have lost my mind. However, if I do have a brain left, it's going to get bigger.

After some thought (but not a ton), Geoff and I agreed earlier this week that I should enroll in classes at BYU.

Which classes, you may ask? Well, pre-pharmacy classes. I will still be working full-time and therefore will only be taking 4 credits a semster (I would take 7, but I'm only allowed to take 6 as an employee).

Why, you may ask? Um...well...I don't have a fully-formed answer for that yet except that it just feels like the right thing to do. It helps that they are free since I'm an employee of the University.

What are you taking now, you may ask? This semester I will be taking calculus (THANK GOODNESS Geoff is in calc right now, so I'll have my own personal tutor....which I will undoubtedly need).

Nonetheless, I'm very excited to be taking classes again and we'll see what happens in the future!


  1. Oh yeah. You've definitely lost your mind, although I'm not referring to your recent foray back into the academic world. I'm just speaking generally.

    Love you kid. Got get 'em.

  2. I'm pretty sure I would have to be completely insane before I signed up for Calculus. But maybe you aren't insane, just a lot smarter than me!

  3. Go you! I can't even get started.... what's my problem? I don't know. That is awesome that you're still going! There's always something to learn.

  4. You are going to do SOOOOO AWESOME.

    I ma so excited for you!