When in doubt...

When the dentist says to you "I'd rather not numb you today. Would you like to be numbed?"

The answer is ALWAYS yes.

I said no.


Diet - Duh.

So, I'm in Texas. Texas is known for a lot of things. Diet soda is not, apparently, one of these things.

Typically when I find myself staying in a hotel, the vending machines offer 2-3 different diet soda options. Not Texas.

So, since I [obviously] can't start a 14 hour day without my beloved Diet Dew, I stop at a gas station on my way to the radio station's offices.

I enter and walk to the cooler where I pull out an ice cold 20 ounce Diet Dew. I approach the very friendly man at the checkout who smiles at me broadly and says, "This everything for you, Ma'am?"
I smile back and say "heck, yes."

As I'm about to grab my bottle and walk away, he stops me. "Ma'am - did you know that's diet?"

Me: "You betcha" (uh, oh, he's southern drawl seems to make me talk even more like a North Dakotahn).

"Oh, kay. They look a lot alike, and people have to come back all the time and swap them out."

Seriously? People don't WANT the diet? Bah humbug.


Love. Him.

My brother's baby was born yesterday. Welcome Cole!


Reorganizing Life

Do you ever have those days where you wake up (literally or not) and realize that you are wasting time? Like, all of it? Well, that happened to me recently.

I decided it was time for Geoff and I to get our butts in gear. I took a hard look at WHY we seemed to be so counterproductive in our daily schedules. And I found a key factor: we have recently bought a television and we put it in the bedroom. Now, there is nothing inherently wrong with neither the television nor the bedroom, but as a team, they were creating a recipe for laziness.

We like to watch a show while we eat dinner. So, we'd come home, take dinner up to the bed, watch a show and then...where were we? Bed! And who wants to get out of bed at the end of a long work day?

So, last weekend we made a plan to rearrange the apartment to facilitate a more productive lifestyle. We moved the bed down from the loft to one of the bedrooms. We moved the office up to the loft with the TV. So now the red leather couch, desk, computer and TV are all upstairs. So after we eat dinner and watch a show - we aren't in bed. In fact, we're surrounded by all the things we need to get productive!

We also rented a steamer and cleaned all the carpets.

It felt good to get things in order and get our evenings back from the evil (yet undeniably comfortable) bed!


June? Seriously?

So, I was looking at the calendar today when I realized that, what-the-heck, it's JUNE! I can't believe it. We've been in North Dakota for 6 months now.

Things that will be happening this summer:
  • I have a business trip to Texas. The Houston area. It's gonna be H-O-T.

  • My first nephew on my side of the family will be born (he is also the first grandchild on BOTH sides of his family - that kid is gonna be spoiled! And soooo cute).

  • Geoff and I will celebrate our third wedding anniversary. Time sure flies.

  • We hope to get our business off the ground and up and running.

  • Lots of bike rides and dog walks.

  • Cloud watching. Clouds are awesome here. Seriously. They are gorgeous.

  • More house hunting - it's so fun!
Hope your summer is full of fun and excitement!


House Hunters

Geoff and I have been having a fun time the last couple months or so going out with our fantastic real estate agent and looking at homes for sale.

The upside to moving to North Dakota has become abundantly clear as we walk through 3-4 bedroom homes that we can afford!

We aren't going to be able to buy for a little while, but it's been really fun to walk through homes and imagine living there, having a toddler (or two?) playing in the yard, and being...real (that's for you, Mama G).

I've really been in a blogging funk of late...you can check out another adventure of ours here.
I'll try to be a better blogger - I promise!