Day Three: My First Love

My First Love

It's interesting; I challenged my friend, Amanda to join me in my blog challenge.  She accepted (and is, thankfully, just about as far behind as I am, so I don't have to feel like too much of a punk).  The thing that is interesting, though, is that she and I both went the same direction in our minds when we read the phrase "my first love."

Tales of my first romantic love don't seem fitting as my first real love came many, many years before.  I regret to say that I have lost touch with that love these days, which is a fact I often feel sadly about.  Nonetheless, my first love and passion is to sing. 

I started taking voice lessons at the age of 7 and continued to take them for 11 years.  I took lessons from teachers in differing techniques: belt, pop, and classical/opera.  I've been in more than 8 musical theater shows (which isn't all that many - but considering I did all 8 of those in mostly a 3 to 4-year period, it's not too shabby!), I've competed in state-wide vocal competitions, and performed with the VOENA children's choir when I was in high school.

To be honest, most of those accomplishments happened a very long time ago.  As I started to turn into a teenager and learned about all the awesome insecurities that come along with that - I shied away from performing a bit.  

But, my passion for music and singing, deep down, hasn't fizzled.  I'm sad to say that I don't sing nearly enough and I wish I were more involved in local choirs and opportunities to sing.  But, when I do find the opportunity to sing, I am filled with a joy and love that has been there (probably forever) as long as I can remember. 

I hope my son is able to find something he loves so much - that isn't a girl!  :)


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