Day Thirteen: Goals


So, this prompt has been holding me up a bit for a couple days.  A few of my personal goals these days are a little bit, well, personal, and I'd really prefer to keep them private.

My other goals seem either too frivolous for a blog post or kind of serious and heavy.  So, I find myself at a bit of a loss on how to spin this post into something fascinating for you!

I considered reviewing the tales of the times I scored goals as a part of my semi-pro hockey career - but then I remembered I didn't have one of those.

I thought about telling you about some goals that I have set and later achieved - but then I remembered I didn't have one of those (of course, I'm not being serious).

So, what this leaves us with is a list of really lame goals that I'd like to achieve this week:

1) Go to bed each night with the dishes done/kitchen clean
2) Get Will to say one new work each day (not that he'll say it again, but we're working on more words!)
3) Plan a really killer talk to give at church on Sunday (so, yeah, that's happening).
4) Get signed up at the nearby Snap Fitness and start going 4 days a week.
5) Have dance parties with my boys each nice. 

Sorry.  ;)


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