Day Fifteen: Death Row Meal

Death Row Meal

To be perfectly frank, I'm a lot more concerned with what I did to end up on death row than what I am going to eat for my last meal - but, I'll do my best to set that aside for the time being.

One of my favorite quotes on this topic comes from the show Raising Hope (pretty fantastic show if you haven't checked it out).  But, in the show, the main character unknowingly impregnates a serial killer.  She ends up on death row.  When he goes to visit her, the guard explains to him: "Your girlfriend's pretty clever. For her last meal she asked for a [McDonald's] McRib and a Shamrock Shake. That should buy her a few months. Those two are almost never available at the same limited time."

And while that's a tempting - and comical - death row meal request, the idea of suffering through a McRib is in line with sitting in a prison cell.

As a side note, I did look up Ted Bundy's last meal request - it was Steak, Eggs, Hash Browns and Coffee.  Now you know.

For me, though, I think I'd choose to go with the standard comfort foods: I'd want Mac and Cheese, mashed potatoes, oatmeal with berries and brown sugar, and a fudge brownie a la mode (with rocky road ice cream - real rocky road, the kind with actual marshmallows in it, not that lame marshmallow ribbon).

And, yes, I just asked for Mac and Cheese along with oatmeal.  Mac and Cheese is my favorite comfort food, and oatmeal is my favorite general food.  So, I would want both of them. 


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  1. I would want fresh corn tomalitos from Chevy's. And chocolate moose tracks ice cream with hot fudge and whipped cream. And cream of wheat. Holy moly delicious. And a tamale. And pumpkin pancakes. With nuts. And toasted marshmallows around a fire.