Day Seven: What Makes You Happy

What Makes Me Happy

I have a little blurb on my Facebook profile that states "I love my husband, my son (1-year old), TV, movies, winter clothes (not winter weather) anything by Maroon 5, facebook-stalking, dancing in inappropriate places (i.e. the grocery store), singing in the car, Diet Mt Dew, and sunshine (that kind that warms both your body and soul)."

That's a pretty good summary of what makes me happy.   A few I might add to the list include: talking to my mama, thrift store shopping, performing, laughing so hard your belly hurts, elliptical trainers, DQ Blizzards, story time with Will, and pay day.

What makes YOU happy? 


  1. 1. Rubi greeting me at the door after a trip to the grocery store as if I have been gone for weeks!

    2. Hot fudge on a spoon with whipped cream on top.

    3. Johnny Barbek.

    4. My little spot in the world.

    5. Bedtime.

    Good night!

  2. I can think of many times with you laughing so hard my belly hurt