Day Ten: Something You're Afraid Of

Something I am afraid of

Well, if you've been reading my blog for awhile, you already know I'm afraid of spiders and trampolines

I've been thinking about this prompt since I first reviewed it after I posted Day Nine, and I won't lie, I've had a little trouble coming up with a good answer! 

I'm a pretty cautious person.  I wouldn't say I'm exactly risk-averse, but I do carefully weigh all the pros and cons of an action before I do it.  If it breaks laws, heads in a direction opposite of my own moral compass, or has a high likelihood of injury or harm to property, you can count me out.  You won't find me spinning donuts in any parking lots or jumping out of planes or packing up and moving across the world.  (Yes, most of you just called me BORING or a wet blanket - another amusing post).  But, it's not because I'm afraid of these things.

I guess I have enough experience (which I know is laughable coming from a gal in her mid-twenties) to know that there's not much I need to be afraid of.  I know that I can handle whatever comes.  It doesn't mean I LIKE spiders or trampolines or the dark.  But, I do know that if I find myself coming across one, I can handle it.  (And, obviously I'm talking about a lot more than spiders and power outages).

Fear doesn't stop scary things from happening, it just prevents you from action.  So, I guess I choose not to be afraid.   


  1. Is this the same girl that called me in hysterics from a rest stop in some God-forsaken Nevada town because of the condition of the bathrooms and needed to be walked through the entire ordeal? Hmmm. Perhaps the fear of public restrooms in just considered a given!


  2. Oh, and one more thing: Dentists.