YOUR Help is Needed

Geoff and I spent the weekend in Idaho (which I will blog about it much detail soon), but first - we need your help. Saturday, Amanda, Scott, Geoff and I all carved pumpkins. We would like YOU, my loyal blog readers, to vote on the best pumpkin. The winner and the carver will be highlighted in a blog next week. (Vote on the right hand side of the blog).



So, yesterday was a long day.
    • Alarm went off at 6:45am...I snoozed it until 7:15am.

    • Climbed out of bed, got ready for work.

    • Got to work at 8am.

    • Put in my 8 hours (very productive and awesome hours if I do say so myself).

    • Stopped by the Texaco to get soda from Geoff.

    • Went home to retrieve my homework that I forgot to nab when I left in the morning and try to ignore the dogs downstairs and their excitement that I came home...because I really didn't.

    • Drove back to campus, went to class.

    • Learned more calculus.

    • Took a quiz.

    • Schlepped back to my car and began driving home to walk the dogs and begin my two homework assignments.
    At this point, it's 7:00pm and I'm waiting to turn left at a stoplight. My blinker is repeatedly clicking at me and I'm about to turn it off to make the incessant noise stop when I realize that the blinker is blinking in perfect time with the Jason Mraz song coming through my speakers. All the sudden the world, for the rest of the red light, is in perfect harmony.

    Thank goodness for those little moments.


    Busy, Busy

    It's that time of the year here at work, where everything steps into a higher gear and we wrap up the year with pledge drives and letters, inventory and gift sending. It's also the time to prepare for next year. Budgeting and goal setting and reviewing the successes (or not-so-much) of the last year. Cue midterms and cold weather.

    Anyway, despite the hectic goings on in our lives, we are doing great.

    We have joined the worldwide scavenger hunt that is geocaching and are having a blast. Stay tuned for more info on that. Perhaps even a whole new blog for our geocaching adventures.

    Matty G is in town for a few days this week for business. We went up last night and Uncle Ernie took us out to dinner at the Red Rock Brewing Company in Salt Lake City. It was delicious. We then strolled over to the gateway, got some ice cream and did a little window shopping. It was an absolutely perfect night in SLC. The weather coorporated for once. YES.

    Wednesday, Matt and I are going to get some haunted house action going on. And I'm SO excited. Matt is my haunted house buddy and I was not happy about the idea of a Halloween passing without him nearby. Thanks for sending him over, Uncle Ernie.

    The weekend, my BFF AD is going to be in Idaho visiting her mom, so me and Geoff are gonna road trip it up to see her for a few days - and I'm so excited to get a chance to just hang out with my favorite gal and my favorite dude. It's gonna rock.


    Girls' Night Out

    *Dislcaimer: I wish I had photos to go with this post. However, naturally, we did not take any.

    Friday, as usual, Geoff had to work the closing shift at work. So my super-amazing friends, Amanda and Latissa, took me out to dinner and a movie to celebrate the day of my birth. That's right, I got to go out TWICE. :)

    We went to Mimi's (which is always delish). The waiter made a bet that it was only my 20th birthday. So that was good.

    The girls gave me presents. Amanda gave me a fabulous watch that I absolutely adore (I was telling her earlier, though, that it's harder then I thought to train myself to look at my wrist for the time and not to dig for my phone. ha). Tissa gave me a certificate for a free (and much needed) massage. She finishes massage school next week, and I'm very excited to get a massage from her freshly licensed!

    After a dinner full of girly gossip and giggles, we went over to the dollar theatre to see The Proposal. We had all seen it before, but it's so hilarious, it was well worth a second viewing.

    Overall, we had a great time out, just the girls.


    Birthday Surprises

    Yesterday, as you are likely aware, was my twenty-third birthday. I am a girl who really has everything she needs...and practically everything she wants. So, when Geoff asked me what I wanted for my birthday, try as I might, I could not come up with anything. I mean, I always want clothes and shoes and purses...but I didn't picture any of those items bringing him any joy to give me (and I really think the greatest part about getting a gift is the joy that the giver has in giving the present). [And, clearly, based on the TIFFANY bracelet on my wrist, that's what mom's are for.]

    So, Geoff took it upon himself to come up with something. And boy did he!

    I had class yesterday after work. After class, I called Geoff (as instructed) and he told me he needed me to go to Walmart and pick something up for him. So, in the rush hour traffic I traversed down University Parkway and got what he needed.

    Then he told me to meet him at a park...which happened to be in South Provo, exactly opposite of where I was at the moment and much closer to campus. But, I good-naturedly agreed to drive back. Afterall, all of this hullabaloo (yes, I really just used the word hullabaloo) was really about me!

    I drove to the park and went where Geoff told me to, but he was nowhere to be seen. I called him again and he told me that he was at my work meeting Stephanie because she had something he needed. This seemed a little odd, but I would have believed it if he hadn't taken it a step futher to say that she was upstairs and he couldn't get a hold of her to let him in so he needed me to come and let him in to get it from her.

    Anyway, I took the 2 minute drive to work and lo and behold when I got there, Geoff was nowhere to be seen. So, I went inside and called him. He told me to come upstairs to my office, so I did. And I was met with such a wonderful surprise! Geoff had re-done my office! Obviously the hodge-podge of furniture remains (thanks, BYUB), but he bought me new lamps, mirrors and awesome wall art from Ikea and re-arranged everything on my walls. And, he made me a fantastic collage of loads of pictures from our two years of marriage. It's so wonderful! I spend so much time in this office, and he knows that, and now I have a reason to think of him everytime I'm in it. He even got me iPod speakers so I can listen to my iPhone, too!

    He put so much thought into the whole thing...and it was the PERFECT gift. From my perfect match.

    Thanks, honey!

    The view from my desk:
    The view of the wall to the left of me (when I'm sitting at my desk):

    The view when you walk into my office (he got me the bamboo, too):

    The view to the right of me (when I'm at my desk)
    The collage up close (boy, have I had a lot of hair colors and cuts in the last 2 years!):



    Well, today is the magic day. The day that my mom and I have our magical 3 months of halves/doubles. I'm am exactly half her age today.
    I'm very grateful that 23-years ago today she birthed me. And I'm glad it was her, of all people. She's the best mom ever. And she married the best dad for me. I'm a pretty lucky kid.
    Luckier still because this morning she graced me with a BLUE BOX. I'm wearing a Tiffany bracelet as I type this. Fantastic.
    I'm not sure what else is in store for me today (except for work and school), but it's going to be a great day. I'll blog more about it later!