Frozen Paws

Well, Christmas is just around the corner now! We're gonna make it.
I work today and tomorrow, which I guess is okay. I'm not sure what else I'd be doing if I weren't here. Moreover, about 80% of the employees are off on their Holiday leave, so I have plenty of peace and quiet to get a lot of work done. :)
Yesterday, because of the storm, they sent us home from work at 2! We got 6" of snow in PROVO. That's, like, unheard of. The snow is piled higher than Rubio, which is more than I've ever seen in 5 winters here in the 'vo. Luckily the Mercedes got new tires yesterday, which has made driving around on the un-plowed roads (apparently Utah is out of money, so they can only plow the busiest roads) MUCH safer.
We didn't want to drive yesterday, but Rubio needed his Rabies shot. The vet is about 4 blocks away, so we decided to just walk. We bundled ourselves up, put Rubio's jacket on, and head out! Rubio really enjoyed our little walk in the snow, although he didn't like any unshoveled areas. He would bound through it (yes, mom, just like the Pixar short) and look so cute! But he was so cold when he got out. We ended up carrying him over any sidewalks that hadn't been shoveled, but it was sure a workout for us wading through the snow up to our knees, almost.
The forecast doesn't predict snow today until about 4, so I should be able to get a full day of work in (for better or worse). Christmas day is supposed to be a snow-storm all day - just pounded with snow. I guess I'll get to have my first white Christmas. I must say, however, I don't dream of white christmases...green sounds just fine to me!
Merry Christmas Eve's Eve!


Let the countdown begin!

With my Christmas cards sent, all the necessary presents purchased and wrapped, the lights hung and the decorations up, the TV pledge drive over, and snow on the ground, I don't need to do anything but count the days until Christmas.

Christmas music will fill my house (much to Geoff's chagrin), candles scented in cinnamon, sugar cookie, and pine tree will waft through the air, and holiday movies will not be missed! I'm the world's worst relaxer in the whole world, so I'm going to do my best to just breathe deep and enjoy the wonderful holiday season, stress free.

I had fun writing our Christmas card and I hope as people start recieving it they find it to be cute and not lame. I'm kind of afraid it may be a little lame, but at the same time, maybe I am a little lame. I'm okay with that. haha.

I dyed my hair this weekend. I'll post the best picture I've got of it, but maybe I'll get a chance to take another one sometime soon.

Geoff has his Biology final this morning and his final final (ha!) in math on Wednesday. Keep your fingers crossed that it all goes well for him. He's been studying like a crazy man!

Merry Christmas!


Belated Thanksgiving Recap

Well, it's been a little while since I wrote! Happy December! I can't believe there are only 20 days until Christmas. Craziness. It will be my first Christmas with the Parkers, and I'm quite looking forward to it. It will be weird to have a Christmas without my parents, but I think it's going to be great!
Luckily we were able to have my parents for Thanksgiving, and a wonderful adventure it was. My parents came into Provo on Wednesday morning. They stayed with me and Geoff at our apartment on the fold down couches in the living room. I know those of you who have been to my apartment think this would be a squeeze, but it actually worked out very nicely. Rubi and Rubio took a day or so to get used to eachother, but got along pretty well, I think.
Wednesday we went to Lindsay's (Matt's Wife) work and my mom bought a Blend Tech blender from her (Will it blend!?). Then we stopped by my work and my mom gave me a Staples Easy Button for an office warming gift. Ha. We lunched, played games, and dinnered.
Thursday consisted of pie baking, games with the 6 of us, and dinner at Mimi's Cafe. They make one heck of a Thanksgiving dinner!
Friday me and Geoff got up before the sun to take part in the Black Friday shopping extravaganza. We pulled in some pretty good loot and only have one person left on our Christmas shopping list! Sweet!
We went home at about noon and hooked up with the parents and Matt and Lindsay for brunch. Then us and the parents went to Ikea. Fantastik! Ha. Then we head up to Salt Lake for dinner at The Dodo Restaurant and Bolt. The movie was way fun. Saturday the men went to a movie while mom and I made my kitchen respectable again. Men are so lucky!
So now I'm in the midst of a pledge drive at work, and we're feeling the recession. I'm still hopeful we'll make goal, though. :)
Geoff will be finishing his first semester at UVU next week! Yay!
Our lives are just continuing along at breakneck pace! Christmas will be here before we know it!