I'm Famous

I may not work for BYU anymore, but I'm still famous.
Here is what is posted all over BYU now from my photo shoot back in October. It's definitely not the most flattering pic they had to choose from, but I'll take it.

I mean, c'mon...what about this one:


On the bright side, it's above ZERO today.

So, Mama G had the audacity to send me a photo of February in Sonoma County, California. It's gorgeous. I'm pretty sure she lives in the Garden of Eden, or something.

So, anyway, I was on the phone with her last week sometime and she was describing to me what she sees when she looks out her back windows. I looked out my office window and told her that outside the window there was, what could only be described as, snow dunes. Exactly like sand dunes, only comprised of snow.

Mama G requested a photo. And Mama G gets what she wants (and this is an actual photo taken from inside my car in the parking lot at work - and for inquiring minds, I'd estimate that this particular snow bank is nearing 6 feet tall).

But admit it, it's kinda pretty.


Cue Valentine's Day

Current Weather: 15 degrees and fair, feels like 5.

After a successful week in Ohio, it was a happy day to come home to the hub. He met me at the airport his hands full with a dozen roses and a 52 ounce Diet Mt. Dew (what can I say, the man knows the way to my heart). When we got to the car with my luggage, I was greeted by two happy little "pupsicles" in the car. They were so happy to see me...and I was happy to see them.

He then proceeded to take me to a local pool hall called Fargo Billiards and Gastropub. We had ourselves a delightful dinner (really good food!) and then played 4 or 5 games of pool. There are some who may not know that Geoff and I played quite a bit of pool together while we were dating. And I really enjoy the game (note: that doesn't mean I'm any good at it). But we had a great time going out together and laughing and simply being together.
I love that man so much. He is my perfect match...and although we are both far from perfect, we are just that much closer to it when we are together.
Happy Valentine's Day, hub!


Oh, hi O.

I have made it halfway through my first week of install training. Things have been going really well. The "students" are learning and lot and are full of questions about the software and how it effects their fundraising efforts. My supervisor has let me take over as the lead trainer a few times and I have felt pretty good about things. I've got notes for myself on how to improve in the future.

Yesterday it started to snow. It snowed quite a bit...but nothing too out of control. I woke up this morning to a phone call that the station had delayed work for two hours on account of the weather. I looked out my window to see a cloudy, but otherwise lovely day. Seriously? So, we went in to start training at 10am. When we left for lunch around 1pm, the real snow had started to fall. It was kind of a mess out there. My trainer and I are pretty sure that Ohio read the handbook on snow days wrong - you drive when the weather is good, and close up when the weather is bad. And, plowing your roads is a good thing. I know it seems illogical...but it's the best method. Trust me, North Dakota would know.

I'm missing the hub - but it sounds like he's having a pretty rockin' week back in the old Far to the go. So that makes me very happy! As does video chatting.

Hakuna Matata!


Sleep Tight

So, I'm sitting in my hotel room in Kent, Ohio. I've got a HUGE bed, sparkling clean bathroom, 78 channels of television and double-locks on the doors. I'm sitting in bed when I notice a friendly sign on the night table. It says:
My mind first thinks, seriously? I don't think they can just GIVE you ambien. And I read on. they list soft and firm pillows, specialty pillows (what does that mean?), eye masks, ear plugs, and...
Psh. I'm never going home. haha.


Wonder - ful

So, I'm sitting at work today, ya know, doing my thing. I then recieved the following e-mail from a client (who subsequently called to tell me he didn't mean to send it to me...but I'm SOOO glad that he did). It made my day. For real.

"Amanda Parker. Or..




1 Car, 2 Jobs, and a Business Trip

Well, the Passat has gone to that place where all of our cars seem to eventually go. Is there a car heaven? I'm pretty sure there's not. I may or may not be living in car hell, however. This is the third car to "give up the ghost" since we got married 2 and a half short years ago. So, we are doing our best to just live with one car right now. One rear-wheel drive car. In Fargo, North Dakota. Gutsy, eh?
Geoff started his new job on Monday! He's working for White Drug Pharmaceuticals. Ultimately he'll be working at their newest inpatient pharmacy. So new, in fact, it's still being built! He's working this week on some projects to help the warehouse get caught up on some work from the blizzard day. Next week (and for two weeks after that ) he'll be working in the warehouse - all the training on the ins and outs of pharmacy tech-ing for them. Then at the beginning of March, he'll transfer to "his" pharmacy. I'm excited for him to have the opportunity to work in the pharmacy world and to have a chance to decide if pharmacy as a career is the right move. He's gonna be great!

I leave for my first Allegiance business trip on Sunday. I'll be gone a full week in Ohio for an install. I won't lie...I'm a little nervous. I've only been here for 5 weeks! But, I'm also excited. I know the system and I'm sure I'll do okay. Luckily I'll be observing my supervisor most of the time. Trying to absorb as much as I can!


A Model Apartment?

No, really, my apartment was a model. Last Thursday, our landlord asked us if we would let them take photos of our apartment for the website. The current photos were pretty outdated and they wanted to update them with our place. We, of course, said sure!
We had to run out and pick up a few final items to get the apartment ready for its photo op (i.e. curtain rod and a shower curtain). When our photos (if ever) get posted to the website I'll post a link, but, for now, you can enjoy my photos. :)