Bed, Bath, and WAY Beyond

Geoff and I took a leisurely Saturday stroll through Bed, Bath and Beyond this weekend. All around the store they are displaying those awful, yet must-have "As Seen on TV" items like the Hercules Hook, Sham-Wow, Vidalia Chop Wizard (or something like that), Snuggie, Beach-Towel Snuggie, etc...

As we rounded the final corner of the store, we reached the pinnacle of such items:

I can't think of an item I'm less in need of...although I do know someone out there...and perhaps another someone...who might want to consider investing in a little behind 'Beyond.'


  1. As the someone to which you refer, did you at least buy me some booty pop panties? Does that price tag actually say $19.99? If I bought them on t.v. they'd probably say, "But wait" and throw in another pair and some breast cutlets too!

    Not that I need those either.

  2. Alternative title: Bed, Bath, and Beyonce.

  3. I like my husbands bum as it is, thank you!

  4. hehehe this is hilarious! I could only imagine what my Latin booty would look like with those on hehehe sadly enough I had a friend in high school who wore those. We always thought it was kind of weird how one day she would have a biiig behind, and then she was back to a flat one the next day...