Trouble in Potty-dise

Current weather in Fargo: 20 degrees and clear. Feels like 7.

I want you to know first and foremost: I am a good pet owner.

I also want you to be warned that in this post I say pee 3 times and poop 6 times in this post. Not including the times I just said them.

I'm not perfect. My dogs aren't the best behaved dogs in the whole world, but they are darn amazing. I've never been anything but a renter, so I know some of the basic rules of dog etiquette:

1) keep barking to a minimum
2) pick up your dogs' poop
3) vacuum and sweep regularly so your house never smells like dog
4) you might like it when your dog jumps up and licks you...but no one else wants this to happen. Keep you dog at bay.

So, perhaps this is why the latest string of potty-tastrophies has me all twitterpated.

We moved into our apartment on Wednesday, December 30th. We take our dogs out to "do their business" regularly. We always pick up and discard the poop. The pee, well, that's just left to disappear. However, in the always-below-freezing weather that is Fargo, ND, pee doesn't just disappear, it becomes little yellow pee-sicles. Apparently these yellow pee spots on the snow are very distressing to the neighbors and management because I came home on January 2nd to find this:
Fantastic. Pick up your yellow snow. Seriously? Okay.

So, I give in. When possible, I scoop up my dogs yellow slush and discard it with the poops.

So, this morning I'm out with the dogs. As they both start their sychronized pooping, I reach in my pocket to pull out my baggie to collect said poop. No baggie. Aw, crap (no pun intended). I do, however, have my car keys, and a car full of trash, perfect for picking up poop. So, I pick up little blind Rube and towing Romulus behind me we trek over to the car. On my way there, a neighbor drives by with her window down. She leans in my direction and I think, oh, maybe she's gonna say hi! No one has really said hi yet.

"You're gonna pick that up, right?" she yells out the window, much more a statement then a question.

"Absolutely" I call back, my I'm-prepared-to-be-friendly-and-say-hello-back grin still plastered on my face.

And I'll tell you right where I'm gonna put it....


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  2. How rude! I would be in big trouble if someone made me pick up the yellow snow. It's kinda silly if you ask me, but of course I don't think I could count the number of yellow spots in my yard....

  3. Sheesh! We would've been evicted months ago if we lived there. There's yellow spots all over the place in our snow...I guess I should try to cover them up or whatever. :)
    Wow. That's pretty straight forward for a neighbor to say that to you. So rude! I know that you are great dog owners because when you lived with us we never had a problem.

  4. I think you should save the yellow snow in some big bucket or bags or something. Then wait. Wait. Wait. For the thaw. That arrives in the spring, hopefully. Then let it melt and pour it out. On the lawn or the driveway or wherever you please.

    Problem solved.

    You're Welcome.