Spotlight Hour: Second Edition!

Name: Rubio

Nickname(s): Rube, Reuben, Blind-o, Soft-a-dog, Cloud dog, Reuber, Little squish

Origin of name: Once upon a time, Mama G got a dog, a little girl. A little black and white shih tzu. This dog was named Erubielle (in honor of "late" Oakland A's DH Erubiel Durazo) and lovingly referred to as Rubi. A short while later, Mama G's Papa, G-pa D, got himself a little black and white shih tzu boy and named him Rubio to make the two a fantastic pair: Rubi and Rubio. A short while after that, G-pa D gave little Rubio to his FAVORITE granddaughter and grandson-in-law.

Age: 2 years and 9 months
Weight: 11 pounds

Tricks: Spin, Twinkle Toes (backward spin), High Five, Sit, Down, Kisses

Length of time spent blind: 10 months
Times he's had to move since he went blind: 3

Best friend: Amanda (me!)

Favorite food(s): Dog food, pepperoni, oatmeal, roast meat, lunch meat

Least favorite foods: Popcorn, olives

Hobbies: Sniffing his way around the house, eating, sleeping (snuggled up as close to mom as he can get), playing with Rom, enjoying a good ol' raw hide, walks

Medical History: In his short life, Rubio has had to endure a broken leg, broken tail (had to be docked), blindness, and THE WORST HAIRCUT OF ALL TIME (so sorry, bud). Yet he is still the sweetest little dog you'll ever meet.

We are so blessed to have this wonderful little guy in our lives.


  1. I love the rubster.

    love you more though mander!

  2. Gratefully, the worse haircut of all time occurred AFTER the blindness and not before. That would simply have been too much.

    Too much.

  3. I love that dog! He is so stinkin' cute. On a side note, your poor puppies have suffered some trauma! Hopefully Fargo brings sunshine and daisies, lots of kibble and long walks, in the springtime of course :) Hope you are doing great!