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I know I haven't blogged much over the last few days...but I have been out of things to say. Okay, well, I'm always full of stuff to say...I've just been out of interesting things to say. Or at least that's what I thought. But I thought wrong.

Interesting fact #1: The Passat broke down.
Interesting fact #2: I found a website where I can buy seasons of House for $13 each. Seriously.
Interesting fact #3: My doggies got haircuts. They look fantastic. Pictures are sure to follow.
Interesting fact #4: Geoff had his first job interview - let the job-getting begin!
Interesting fact #5: A neighbor was nice! She introduced herself to my dogs, told me how cute and well-behaved they were. That felt good.
Interesting fact #6: I took my first support call at work. I'd also like to state that it was a success. I felt like a goofball, but the client seemed pleased.
Interesting fact #7: Diet Mountain Dew mixed with Crystal Light grape juice is the most wonderful concoction of all time.
Interesting fact #8: We were able to get all caught up on Dollhouse. I can't believe the series finale is coming. It's a fun show.
Interesting fact #9: We will be getting internet in our apartment soon, so my ability to blog will be more reliable (other then typing the blog at home at night, praying the open internet connection will work long enough to e-mail it to myself and then press "publish" at work).

I was really shooting for an even 10...but 9 is all I got.

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  1. See! Lots of interesting stuff going on in your life!! (and it's even MORE interesting to all of US because we aren't there living it and like to hear stories!!) :)

    Good luck with the job-getting!
    Can't wait to see doggie pictures!
    I'll have to try the drink concoction sometime! :)
    And Yay for not having internet in the apartment yet... :) Ryan and I didn't have internet at all in our first apartment (do you remember that DARK COLD place?! lol) ... still not so sure how we lived without internet for so long! Glad you don't have to do that! :) haha