And the verdict is...

Ladies and Gentlemen,

We have a BOY!  He's perfect.  He's measuring spot on for his age (my doc said she's never seen a baby measure that exact before - first test, aced). 

Geoff and I both wore blue today without realizing it.  We must have been getting vibes from the little man.

He wasn't terribly cooperative throughout the ultrasound, but we LOVED seeing him. 


  1. I'm so incredibly happy for you and Geoff. Your little boy is one lucky guy to have such wonderful parents. Congratulations to you both!!! Let me know if you need anything! :)
    LOVE YOU GUYS!!! (All 3 of ya ;) )

  2. He cooperated enough to get that precious little profile, and capture a little manhood and that is enough!


  3. YAY!! I can't WAIT to meet the little guy! If he looks anything like either of you he's gonna be a heartbreaker!!! Love you and miss you TONS!

  4. Congratulations guys! Boys are the best!! I love the profile picture. So exciting!

  5. yay yay yay!! :) So excited for you! This ultrasound is always my favorite! :) :) :)

    Good luck with names! We HATED choosing a boy's name! :) (Hopefully you don't have as much trouble as we did!) :)