Getting Settled

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Well, usually I'm a "don't-sit-down-'til-it's-done" kinda gal. However, given the fact that it took a 24-hour drive to and from CA, a 20-hour drive to get to Fargo, 2 days to find an apartment, one day to move in, and then I started work...unpacking kind of fell pretty far on my priority list.

Tonight, however, I started attacking it. Geoff and I got the living room set up a couple days ago...but the room had also become a receptical for stuff. Ya know...the stuff the accumulates when nothing has a home yet? Oh yeah, that stuff.

Tonight I cleared it out and took some pics. I also finished emptying out any boxes that were still in the workout room. Then I spent 40 minutes working out while I wrote my menu and grocery list for the next week. It's so awesome having the ability to work out in my apartment! Woot! I also have some pics of the bathroom. It's pretty big (pictures of bathrooms ALWAYS suck, have you ever noticed that?).

The job is going well. I was telling my mom today that it's a little hard for me to go from being the expert at my old job to feeling like an idiot at my new job. I guess it's just incentive to work really hard and become the expert here! :) Everyone is great and I'm so excited to learn more.
That's all for now. Just a quick update. I've got some fun posts coming up, though, that you won't wanna miss!


  1. I LOVE that you have a workout room!!

  2. I am so happy to see Rom enjoying his chewy in your new living room. Looks great! Can't wait to come visit and workout!

    But not until the late-Spring thaw.

    I guess they call that summer.


  3. No office pictures? That is a good looking room too... right? LOL, maybe not quite yet, next post? I am seriously missing my women now and those cutie-pie animals. Love.

  4. Note to Geoff...Women? You're a fast mover :)

    Glad its all coming together, and I am only slightly jealous of the workout room.