Dog-gone Spell Check

I did work for PBS, but I'm not biased when I say that I think Word World is the greatest kids' show on TV. Everything in the show is comprised of the letters that spell what the character or item is. The letters B-A-R-N make up the big red barn. The letters P-I-G morph into a friendly, pink pig. And, obviously, my favorite is the D-O-G.So, Geoff and I were at the Dollar Tree the other day, perusing, as we do. On the toy aisle, I spied up ahead, a dollar store knock off of the Word World toys. Initially I was excited, because I think they are AMAZING. Upon closer inspection...I realized why the literacy rates are diminishing in the US...
Now, for pictures of a real dog - complete with haircut! (Rubio will be coming soon!)


  1. And you wonder why certain items end up at the Dollar Store ...

    But maybe it's the Dog Veterinarian. Thus the "Doc". Or maybe today's toy manufacturers don't speak English.

    And about Rom: Adorable. But is it my imagination or does he have the biggest head I've ever seen?

  2. Rom looks sexy with his new haircut... maybe he should date my dog :)

  3. cade loves this show!

    he calls it "wode wold."



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