I vow...

To NEVER post videos of my children on YouTube.

Now, YouTube is awesome, don't get me wrong. But I saw this video today of a 7-year old kid who just got out of the dentist office and was still a little high on the drugs. It was amusing. However, it makes me think about the home videos that my parents have of me as a kid (and I was a cute kid!) and how mortifying it is when they show them to people. Now, my parents, mind you, aren't showing them to everyone who comes over, just close friends/roommates/Geoff.

(Amanda Gamblin (Parker) as a baby)

I can't imagine the embarrassment of turning 15 only to find that there is a video of me naked when I was three floating around on the internet for all of my classmates and crushes to watch.

I vow right now to keep my home movies just that - at home.*

*Disclaimer - if I wouldn't have minded the video being posted of myself, it could potentially end up on my blog...but only if it has no potential to scar my children later in life.


  1. Man you are so gosh darn cute as a baby, I just want to squeeze your little face!

  2. It would be even worse to discover naked video of your mother floating around on YouTube . . . theoretically, of course!

    Of course!!!!