I've Been Tagged

Well, I don't usually do stuff like this. However, my cousin tagged me, and since I was the only person tagged who had an official title (I'm proposing that 'My amazing niece Marissa, who just returned from the Middle East bearing love and fun and a sweet scarf for me' is a description and not a title; 'The Cousin', however, 100% title, baby) , I must acquiesce.

The instructions are to list 10 things that make me happy, do at least one of these today and then pass along to 10 other bloggers. Easy 'nuff.

1) The hub. He is, easily and unequivocally my perfect match. Doesn't make him perfect, but it does make me very happy.

2) Those little dogs of mine. Rubio and his perseverance despite his blindness. There is no cuter, sweeter, softer, kinder, more lovable little guy in the whole world. Anywhere. And Rom, he has added a whole new dimension to our lives. He's rambunctious and sweet, speaks his mind, and gives Rubio a chance to be a dog when the play together.

3) My Amanda-friend. I really think you only get one or two friends who become more then than. AD is more then my friend...and someday we will live close enough to each other to spend TONS of time together.

4) Cardio. I can't remember ever feeling worse after a good, heart-pounding workout. I've got my treadmill all set up in my new place! I'm ready to go!

5) My fam. My mom, dad, bro and SIL are the best support group around. And, perhaps, the most hilarious.

6) Red Vines and Diet Mountain Dew. Sure, the sugar in the red vines probably offsets that fact that I'm drinking diet...but it doesn't diminish how each of them are so fantastic.

7) Efficiency. I used to think I was a patient person. Turns out...I'm not. Getting something done quickly, efficiently, and excellently makes my soul happy.

8) Winter clothes. I'm adapting to the Fargo chill (currently 8 degrees, feels like -11), but I already owned 3 wool coats (white, tan, black), 2 down coats, 10 scarves, 2 pairs of leather gloves, etc...cuz they make me feel snuggly.

9) G-chat. No explanation needed. Google makes my world go 'round.

10) Shopping. Obviously.

Today - I've had Diet Mt Dew, I'll get some cardio in on my treadmill, I've already mastered the art of the G-chat, and I'll love those doggies when I get home. I wish, oh, I wish I could go shopping...but there are a plethora of reasons I cannot. Perhaps I will touch on them later (i.e. the woes of the missing wallets!).

I tag:
1) Mama G
2) Geoffrey
3) Stephanie D
4) Steffanie
5) Amanda E
6) Latissa
7) Katrina S
8) Liz
9) Jen
10) Matty G


  1. You are definitely title worthy.


    I thought the 21 degree weather in SLC was bad.

    Poor you. Shivers.

  2. Good reasons to be happy. ALright, I'll do it:)