New State, New Job, New Year

Current weather in Fargo: -23, feels like -23 (in case you are wondering what -23 degrees feels like, it's cold. But not so cold you can't go out and take care of business, or, at least not so cold that you don't.)

I know I haven't been able to blog enough about our adventures, and inquiring minds want to know (mostly mom). So, here's a quick recap.

1) When apartment hunting in Fargo, it is your best interest to be pet-free. If you must have a pet, one is apparently the only acceptable number. We found only 4 apartments that would let us have our dogs. Fortunately for us, one of them was awesome. So we snagged it up (pictures later in the post). P.S. When someone asks you if you are "committed to keeping both your pets" it is hard not to bop them on the head.

2) When unloading your moving truck in Fargo, it is helpful to have the assistance of anyone who will help, in our case that was 6 of my Allegiance co-workers who took time to help us haul all our stuff in 5 degree weather. They rock.

3) When unpacking boxes of stuff in Fargo, be aware that everything is going to be frozen. Solid. This includes canned goods, dish soap, olive oil and red wine vinegar. Do not expect to be able to cook anything your first couple days.

4) When ringing in the New Year in Fargo, I highly recommend a delicious dinner at Famous Dave's followed by Martinelli's and Welch's Sparkling Grape juice enjoyed in your brand new apartment with your hub and dogs. P.S. Don't let the dogs drink and drive.

5) When first moving into your apartment in Fargo, make sure to stock up on the necessities.

Just in case you think I moved those items to the door to make it seem like that's all I had, here's proof.

So, all in all, things are going great. It's cold outside...but with the right clothes on and the right attitude, it's really not that bad. Even the dogs are making do (although doggy shoes are definitely in their future). To hear it all from Geoff's perspective, visit his blog here.

Now, here are a few shots of the apartment, I'll post more once we are unpacked and our stuff isin it:


  1. Frozen dish soap? Dogs drinking and driving? Refrigerators full of Diet Mt. Dew?

    Ah, it's so nice to have you back in the blogging world. You have been missed.

  2. Those dogs get pretty woozy on the bubbly. Watch out!

  3. Yay! Your little kitchen looks like my old one. It looks like a fun place, minus the frozen stuff!

  4. If I didn't know that was soap, I'd think it was a Slurpee or something! Looks tasty....