So Far in Fargo

Top 10 things about Fargo so far:

1) The swanky names of the gas station-marts: Loaf n' Jug, Stop n' Go, Kum n' Go, Cheetah Mart, Stamart (pronounced Stay-Mart).

2) 10 minute commute to work.

3) 12 minute commute to the airport.

4) Listening to the way people say, "no, way" and "oh, yeah." We try to get people to say it as often as possible.

5) We have a loft...in our apartment.

6) Paid heat and hot water.

7) The Wal-Mart greeter. He rocks.

8) Chilly weather that gives me the perfect excuse to don my snazzy snuggie.

9) The mind-boggling hilarity of watching Rom run to the deepest snow he can find to "do his business."

10) Wearing jeans to work.


  1. Worst things about Fargo:

    1. It's too far from California.
    2. It has snowbanks. Big ones. Who knows what's under there! The Spring thaw could be scary!
    3. Locals eat their young.

    Okay. Maybe I made that part up.

  2. another worst thing would probably have to be your last post! :) haha (Ryan and i laughed and laughed when we read about your "adventure"! :) )

    BUT...I'm glad that you are enjoying Fargo. And I have to say, wearing Jeans to work is DEFINITELY a plus! (working for BYU and the church requires a pretty tight wardrobe...or so I've heard!) :)

  3. I get to wear jeans to work too! It rocks. My favorite Fargo top ten: #4.

  4. Wow.We would have awesome soda runs if I were there!

    also i'm jealous that you get to wear jeans to work