I'm Famous

I may not work for BYU anymore, but I'm still famous.

Here is what is posted all over BYU now from my photo shoot back in October. It's definitely not the most flattering pic they had to choose from, but I'll take it.

I mean, c'mon...what about this one:


  1. The way he is gazing at you with such admiration ... such unbridled gratitude ... such ... hello pretty lady!

    Congrats on the campaign. Enjoy your fame. Good thing you're not on campus these days. Can you say mobbed?

  2. I think they picked the tilted sign over the head tilt. But it doesn't matter because you look great in both pictures.

    Who is the kid checking you out? Geoff needs to beat him up! His eyes look like they were wandering a bit.

  3. 1. you look absolutely gorgeous
    2. awesome outfit
    3. congrats on being famous
    4. umm...that guy looks like he might know where you sleep at night....peeping tom?? lol jk

    CONGRATS! That's a great picture!

  4. yeah what's with McCreepy Stares A lot? however this ad really makes me want to INVEST, so, good job!

  5. Pretty freakin' awesome Amanda! I've never been on a poster! SWEET!

  6. haha Eric is famous too! :) (Kinda a funny shot though...) :) He mentioned the other day that he had done a photo shoot with you---I think we had brought up the fact that you moved far away ... ya. anyway, see---even BYU misses you enough to keep your picture on the posters! :)

  7. Ahh I saw this the other day when I was leaving work (they just put one up on the front door of the building) and I was like Amanda is Famous!! Haha, needless to say I did a huge double take when I saw it. But you are looking pretty hot so no worries :)

  8. It is funny the shot they chose, but it is still nice!