Golden Girl?

Posted by Amanda:

I finally caved. I've been travelling (admitedly sporatically) from the new apartment to 24 hour fitness for over a month now. It really hasn't been too bad. I even started going in the mornings (complete with showering and getting ready for work at the gym). However, the time had finally come to bid the 20 minute (40 round trip) drive to 24 hour fitness goodbye.

I printed my 1-day trial pass to Gold's Gym and took the 4 block walk to Gold's. I used my trial pass and did my usual workout.

Not very busy (and I was there during the busiest time of day)
Individual TVs on the cardio equipment
Lots and lots of classes to choose from (I'm definitely going to do kickboxing and step)
No college student traffic

Small, cramped cardio area (although because the machines weren't all in use, you didn't have to run too close to the strangers)
Indoor tennis court access NOT included in membership
Not open 24 hours (at least not this facility)
A locker room straight out of the 1970s.

So, I'm officially a Gold's Girl now. Tomorrow I have a meeting with a personal trainer for a fitness evaluation and planning session. Great, I REALLY love it when strangers weigh, measure, and evaluate my fitness.

I hope to reach my final goal weight (and have at least a shadow of a 6 pack) by my anniversary in August.


  1. A locker room from the 70's is a con? Are you kidding me?

    Side note: I plan to have a six-pack by your anniversary, too. I'm thinking DVC. :>) I gave up on the real 6-pack.

  2. I've debated getting one myself...wedding literally a month from today and the elliptical machine isn't kicking my butt anymore, I need to step it up...but...I lack the energy...