Mother's Day Weekend

Well, I had a nice weekend. Friday night Geoff and I finally purchased a kitchen table. We've been living without one since we moved. We were having his parents over for dinner on Saturday night - so it was crunch time. We ended up buying a counter-height square table that opens up into a circle. It's beautiful and we got a killer deal on it. We then rushed over to Ikea and bought 4 stools which we put together and painted black before we head off to bed.
Saturday I had my laser hair removal consulatation in the morning, shopped for all the ingredients I needed for dinner in the evening, cooked and cleaned. For dinner I made:
Appetizer: Baked Zuchini Chips, Crostini Bread, and Sundried Tomato and Chive Dip
Main Course: Baked Halibut with red, yellow and orange bell peppers, roma tomatoes, capers, parsely and fresh lemon juice
Dessert: Strawberry Shortcake Jellie
Sunday was a lovely, beautiful day. Geoff and I joined his family for a trip up to Bountiful to see his grandma and have a picnic up in the mountains, kinda. It was delicious and although it was a little chilly, we had a good time.
Hope all the mothers out there had a lovely mother's day. I didn't get to see mine, but I hope she knows that she's the fairest of them all. :)

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  1. Fairest. Nice. But with just a little more "I", maybe I could be the 'Fairiest".


    Love you. Maybe next year we can celebrate together.