iPhone - technology's gift to man

Posted by Geoff: I have been experimenting with some new software as of late and have been really enjoying this simple yet complex piece of work. Blogging from the iPhone may not be the quickest means of getting ideas accross but it is certainly the most mobile. I am trying to figure out what goes in my blog and what goes in twitter, it's a tough cookie, becuase everything feels long when you are typing it on a phone yet I am certain I have surpassed my 140 character limit for twitter.

So the wife and I watched Valkyre last night with tom cruise. I was suprised how intense it was, considering we all knew the outcome of the movie, and how much I couldn't atop watching. Tom looks pretty good with an eye patch on, maybe he should be in the next pirates, Pirates IV: A Newer Hope - perhaps the pirate story will live on.

Blog over.

-- Post From My iPhone


  1. I like this "blog over" concept. Like walkie talkies for blogs. :) "Amanda and I watched Valkyrie" might have been an overstatement. "Amanda watched the first 20 minutes of Valkyrie and I finished it" might be more accurate. :) I think I surpassed my twitter limit as well...

  2. I am not likely to watch Valkyrie because it contains action, violence and requires a fair amount of sitting (which is not my favorite "triple play"). I may, however, reconsider my stance on the matter and watch it simply for the eye patch.

    You know how I feel about pirates.