Bloggin', Snoggin', Joggin' and Belongin'

Bloggin': Well, I'm convinced that I must have the world's most boring blog. And, thus, the most boring life. Ha. But, at the same time, I'd rather be boring then having to deal with some crisis or another (i.e. dogs going blind). Nonetheless, I really enjoy the good ol' blog, so I'll continue to post. Hopefully at least and handful of readers find a little amusement from it. I think I'm funny.

Snoggin': Last Wednesday was the two-year anniversary since Geoff proposed to me on a breezy spring afternoon on the beach in northern California. Saying 'yes' was easily the best decision I have ever made. We are building such a wonderful life together - and he's the perfect one to be building it with. He puts up with all the craziness I can put out, and I put up with whatever he can dish out as well, and in the end, we love each other more for all our quirkiness.

Joggin': At the gym for the last few weeks (I go 6 days a week), I have been trying to wean myself off the elliptical and onto the treadmill. Mostly just to mix things up. I've been doing the elliptical 6 days a week for a year now and my body just can't seem to find it challenging. The treadmill, however, is proving itself to be the challenge I need. I'm slowly decreasing my time on the elliptical and increasing my time on the treadmill until I've replaced my 30 minute elliptical with 30 on the treadmill. Right now, my hour-long workout consists of 10 elliptical, 20 treadmill, 15 stair climber, 15 bike. It's been great. Although I'm dead tired after it's complete.

Belongin': Me and Geoff went to our first full day of church in our new ward this week (we'd been attending the old one because I was singing a solo with our ward choir last week). It seems to be a great ward. Everyone was warm and friendly (we got told where to go for classes at least 3 or 4 times). I think the biggest difference was me, though. I feel like a whole new person after my makeover (both inside and out). I'm ready to be more outgoing, more involved, and more...well...me. I feel like the "real" me has been scared to come out and play for awhile. I was telling my mom the other day that I just felt like I have very few people in my life (VERY few) who really know ME and that was starting to make me feel kinda lonely sometimes. A lot of that, though, is my own fault! When's the last time I put myself out there? Anyway, I'm gonna do my best to put my real self forward, because I'm awesome. Geoff, my dog, and my mom told me so. :-)

Happy Monday!

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  1. And Mama knows best! :>) And I get it. Santa Rosa is like that for me. And it's way better than wearing an old you that doesn't fit anymore. Like those stupid kangaroo pants.

    What's snoggin'?

    Love you.