Family Photo

Posted by Geoff: Apparently I have some good ideas in my head. I have been asked by a few anonymous sources to blog about my ideals and interests. While I do have some interesting ideas floating up and around there, I often feel a bit confined about expressing them. My writing is fairly mediocre and my spelling is boardering upon ignorance (-ance, -ence, who knows... probably someone out there) but the masses may have what the masses want... I am pretty sure however, that the masses just want to be stable (octuplet... or I used to think that was the most stable until one electron ran away) to gain or lose that excess electron holding them down. There is no other electron here, no answers to life's deep questions, no affixing of desire or stability, just some non-sensical, non-realistic rantings and ravings. So I digress. Or perhaps converge... you can never be sure what is the real meaning. Topic line? I suppose it could elude to what adventure you might be participating in but it could never really hold the whole truth just something to pull you in with.

So I was watching some cnet.tv this morning as I do fairly regularly, that techy stuff puts shivers down my bones, when they said what the website of the week was. They showed some pictures that gave them dramatic effect (effect, affect, another one of those writing conundrums) and it pulled me in like a plant to sunlight. Well, I must have not been the only sap pulled in by the suggestions of the tech bound media because there servers were down and I could not log into there site to fullfil this need I never knew. Welp (this is a word I use from time to time when I am getting bored of the idea or concept and you can imagine it is like until a very quick 'well' or a lengthy awkward 'well' [the kind you use to sum up the end of a conversation]) persistance pays off, at least this time it did, (often it only lengthens the pain of waiting) and I was visually stimulated that erupted some course laughter from deep within my belly. We all have them, those photos that make you sweat looking back on them, the ones that leave a sore spot in your mind, or perhaps something that never leaves the developer envelope because they were all just that bad. I think if we could all just stop time and look at how our families interact it would be hysterical. When we are at our either most relaxed or most stressed out moments we are around family. Imagine family gatherings where Uncle Jim makes his famous 'fart' joke and the expressions on everyones faces at that moment, Aunt Sandy makes the face that discribes how many times that dumb joke has left her husband's lips, or Jim's older brother letting out a belt of laughter encouraging Jim's immaturity, or perhaps the most insecure of all, the visiting cousins girlfriend who makes a face of hesitant jest. These moments are what define a families relationships... or not... All I really know is that I need to go now... visit the website... http://www.awkwardfamilyphotos.com/ - There are some pretty funny ones...


  1. Those pics on your blog...DO you know those families? hahah

  2. A couple of things:

    3)--GREAT website; and
    4)--You are awesome!