Ahoy, Matey.

Well, after a stress-filled day on the phone making and breaking doctor's appointments, I finally ended up at the doc's office yesterday to discuss my recent bout of symptoms - primarily the painful and ichy rash on the left side of my chest.

The doc confirmed that it was, indeed shingles. Even better, he informed me that there is pretty much nothing they can do at this point. I just have to wait it out (a 6 week to 3 month waiting period). Fantastic.

What do people do when they find out you have shingles?

Well, my brother seems to have gotten it confused with scurvy and asked if it was that disease that pirates get. No, I'm not a pirate. Although if I did have to get a disease from a pirate, is Johnny Depp an option?

Marcus, my co-worker got clever, telling me that, "if KBYU was a building, I'd be the roof. The shingles, if you will." That was good, admit it.


  1. ok i admit it
    that was good marcus

  2. If you did get a disease from Johnny Depp, I'm guessing it might not be shingles.

    Did I say that?

  3. oh my heavens! are you in a lot of pain? So sorry for you.

  4. I have a sneaking suspicion that, were you to get a transmittable disease from a pirate, shingles/scurvy may be the least of your worries.