Fashion or Function?

Well, I think I've finally discovered the real reason behind all the dizzyness, blurred vision, and headaches I've been having for the last month - my eyes! I've been wearing my glasses (a very old pair) for the last couple days, and the dizzyness has nearly stopped. Granted the prescription is old and therefore not going to fix everything 100%, but I'll be thrilled to find out it's something that simple.

HOWEVER, glasses bring on a whole new set of issues. I'm far-sighted (or was) so I need glasses for up close work. This means it's perfect for me when I'm at the computer working, but when someone comes into my office doorway and I look up, they are a blurry mess. Does this mean I'm stuck taking my glasses on and off all day? And what if I'm looking from a person to a computer or paper? Some people look better blurry, I suppose.

So, I was discussing this all important topic with my mom who asked if I would be willing to wear one of those things around my neck that holds my glasses and I replied emphatically, "NO! That is not fashionable." To which she replied, "Me, neither. That's why I don't wear my glasses."
So, thus the question - sight vs. fashion faux paux. Is that even a real question?
I'll keep you posted after my visit to the optometrist on Friday. Should be fun.


  1. Believe it, Sister. There is no one in the world (including ANTMs) that doesn't look better with a soft-focus lens.

    In fact, I was noticing how silky smooth my skin has become, ironically, at the same time my vision went to the pooper.

    Coincidence? I, for one, certainly hope so!

  2. One word: Contacts.

    They have multi-focal contacts now. Then you can see everything, and everyone.

    Yes. I win.