3 down...

Posted by Amanda: Well, three doctors later and I'm not feeling any better. In fact, Geoff was kind enough to share his most recent cold with me - so, if anything, I'm feeling worse. At least this time my illness has a name. I guess shingles had a name, too.

Anyway, the dizziness (vertigo), nausea, blurred vision, and trouble speaking (at times - still rare) are all still present and accounted for in my life. My lastest doc has me on another 2-week experiement. I'm skeptical that this one will work, either, but at least it buys me two weeks before I have to go back to the docs office.

Outside of my newfound love (scoffs) of the inside of a doctor's office, I don't have much to report.


  1. I am so kind... I wonder who was so kind to me. This is something that should be passed along... right? Kindness.

  2. One word. Starts with a p. Ends with an "regnant".

    Love you. :)

  3. For Matt: Nice

    For Amanda: Your doctor. Does his name start with an 'H' and end with a 'rouse'?

    Carry on!

  4. Oops. Not sure how that 'r' got there. But I'm sure you understood anyhow.


  5. I'm so sorry you're not feeling well. You know I'm only like 3 minutes away now, so if you ever need anything, give me a HOLLA and I'll be over in a jiff!

  6. Those are scary symptoms, I hope it's nothing serious! Keep me updated!