To Waddle or...

Posted by Amanda: Well, I had the aforementioned personal training session this weekend and let me say this much - it's a good thing it was free! He KILLED me. I can hardly walk today - and the session was 2 days ago. I'm pretty much miserable. If he was trying to convince me to purchase more of these lovely sessions, he's INSANE. I'm in pretty good shape, all things considered, so to push me hard enough that I can't even go back to the gym 2 days later is just sick and wrong. ha. I can't even cross my legs without the aid of my hands.

Which brings me to the bright side of things. I was talking to Geoff on the phone a few minutes ago and informed him that I definitely needed a "soda run" today. My soda run is a 10 minute break from work where I dash over to the nearest gas station and get a giant refill of Diet Mountain Dew. Well, I told him in no way could it qualify as a "run" today since it takes me 5 seconds (counted as 1-one-thousand 2-one-thousand, not 1, 2, 3). He laughed on the other end and said, "Yes, more of a soda waddle."

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  1. Or a soda wobble ... perhaps a soda shuffle or a soda toddle? (Yeah. Look it up. It's a real word).

    Or perhaps . . . lunch?