Thanks a lot, Al.

I helped Geoff with an essay last semester about whether or not technology would takeover the world. One futurist suggested that one day humans will become so relient and combined with technology that neither would really exist independently. I had an experience today that made me realize I'm almost there!
Stephanie (an awesome co-worker of mine) was telling me a story. It was at this point that I glanced next to me and realized I had an open yogurt that I wanted to be eating during the story, so I said "Pause" and left the room. I got my spoon off my desk and returned to the room and said "Continue." Stephanie and I both thought nothing of it and continued the conversation.
From a desk a seat away I hear a voice asking, "Did you just TiVo a conversation?"
Why, yes, yes I did.
Where would I be today if Al Gore hadn't invented the internet? Finishing conversations without yogurt? Please...


  1. I have lots of feeling about Al Gore, and the internet. And TiVo, too.

    Internet: How did I waste my time before the internet?
    TiVo: How did I waste my time before TiVo?
    Al Gore: Kind of a waste of time. Unless you have the chance to watch him dance.

  2. Wow Amanda, this SERIOUSLY made be laugh!! HAHAH