St. George

Most heard phrases of the weekend:
"I could live here..."
"If there's one thing I've learned from America's Next Top Model it's..."
"Are you kidding me?!"
"Is it time to eat?"

Well, the much anticipated girls' weekend to St. George has come and gone and it easily surpassed every expectation I had. Mom flew in late Wednesday night and first thing Thursday morning we got in the car and head down to Saint George. We amused ourselves on the four hour ride and marveled at the lack of...well...anything in central Utah.
Our hotel was fabulous. We had a "full" kitchen so we didn't have to spend any money eating out. And even better, when you left for the day and came back - someone else (the "magic fairies," I'm certain) cleaned it! lol.
We did some shopping and oriented (for you, Mama) ourselves to the city on Thursday afternoon. We got pedicures (pink with toe detail) and then massages. It was the ultimate day of pampering and we both loved the opportunity.
Friday we woke up and did a little shopping. In the mid day we laid out by the pool where I got a burn and mom got a tan. In the evening we went out again for some more (very successful) shopping. We managed to spend the whole $500 and got me a whole new wardrobe.
Saturday we woke up and slowly gathered our stuff and got ready to head out. I had been complaining about my hair color all weekend (I had tried to dye it myself with a box dye and it was SOOOOO black) so mom and I decided I should do something about it. So we made a hair appointment for 6:00pm when we'd be back in Orem. The hairstylist fixed the color and then convinced me (with the aid of Geoff) to cut it all off - so I did! I'm still learning how to style it, but I love it! It completed the whole makeover.

We ended the weekend with dinner at CPK with Geoff. Mama G flew home on Sunday morning and it was sad to see her go. Now we'll have to start planning our next girls' weekend.


  1. Sounds like a blast! Now I get to post all about our weekend and my new hair as well! Yay!

  2. That's so fun! I love your hair too. I heard you did a fabulous job on Sunday! We were sorry we missed it. I need to get ahold of you soon for your deposit. The other day Carmen said, "I miss Geoff and Amanda."

  3. There are not enough words to describe our weekend! Some other good ones might include Dollywood, Save the Children, Harmon's, shopping bag enhancement . . .

    Good times! Great times! The Best of Times! (Someone should write a song about that . . .)

    Love you.

  4. Check out that last photo of me with my portion-controlled salad. Is it just me or ... do I appear to have buck teeth? Maybe all those greens are having some sort of "rabbit food" effect on me.

    Seriously, dude. I'm concerned.