Pre-emption is Lame!

While our trip to San Antonio was a blast and well worth the effort to blog, a very important event has gotten overlooked. One, I must mention, I believe to be of the utmost importance. MY BIRTHDAY!
I briefly mentioned it in my San Antonio blog, but feel inclined to elaborate on the wonderfulness that was my day.
The day before my birthday (since the actual 1st of October was mostly spent on a plane), I had a couple celebrations. Latissa, Amanda E, Joanna and I went out to dinner at PF Changs. I was greeted by Joanna with beautiful flowers (which, by the way, are still blooming and beautiful in my kitchen) and gifts from the girls (Tissa - I wore the shirt a few days ago, and it is so cute! Geoff even mentioned how cute it was). Dinner was spectacular, and was only made better by watching Jo oogle over the waiter.
After Geoff got out of class, we went over to Matt's apartment for homemade mini angelfood cakes with berries (homemade by Lindsay, lest there be any belief out there that Matt made angelfood). It was a perfect sweet treat, followed by a sweet treat for my feet!

Matt, Lindsay, and Rubi bought me a new pair of Nike running shoes (in pink!). I have to say, they have changed my world. For a girl who spends 6 days a week at the gym, Walmart shoes were a joke. They are amazing and I'm so so loving them. What's even cooler? The shoes have an insert in the sole for a Nike+ adapter that transmits my workout stats to my iPod touch (also brand, spankin' new) and then upload to the internet so I can track my progress and distance. Last night I ran 5.27 miles on the treadmill. It was pretty much the coolest thing ever. Ha!

Geoff also got me some new, and much needed, jewelry (as did Amanda E - I've worn it all!). Overall, I was way too spoiled on my day, but I'm so grateful that enough people love me to make it special! (Mom, don't think you were left out, your birthday exploits were discussed in a previous post - and you are AMAZING).

Happy Belated Birthday to me!

Amanda P.


  1. I appreciate the brief disclaimer at the end of your post. However, it probably may have occurred to you that Rubi and I are as one. So, when Rubi gives a gift, I may have some involvement in the process.

    Oh, and Dad, too. Since I have retired, he is funding the exploits of both me and Rubi!

    Happy 22 sweetie.

  2. and here I thought Rubi was so generously donating her income to me of her own free will. Hmm...

  3. Yay! I am glad your birthday was so awesome!!! And I am happy you like your shirt. I thought you would.