Flyin' By

Boy, it seems like the weekend just flew by! We had a pretty eventful weekend, I suppose. Saturday was Geoff's graduation for his Pharmacy Technician program. It was a nice ceremony and I'm so proud of him - he was one of only 5 students in the entire graduating class who recieved the highest honors (note the yellow tassles).

Last night we finally did the pumpkin carving (at the expense of missing Desperate Housewives...I don't wanna talk about it...). Enjoy (Geoff's is the eyeball, mine is the skeleton).


  1. I'm sorry you missed Desperate Housewives. I hope you still had fun:(

  2. Yay for graduating! Now what's gonna happen?!

    So we realized the other day that we haven't even seen your new place yet...how sad!!

    AND we still have your Majiang set! We DEFINITELY need to play more!

    Love the pumpkins! :)